How to Check Your Website Performance with Pingdom Tools?

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at Pingdom, one of the well-known and widely used website monitoring tool and speed testing tool available these days. At first sight, Pingdom speed test tool may look like a simple website performance testing tool but when you sign up or register with this tool, numerous of several features and options becomes accessible for you.

Founded in 2007 and situated in Sweden, Pingdom has gained huge experience and expertise in analysing websites and monitoring websites. It is trusted by more than 850,000 users and organizations such as Spotify, Pinterest, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk and many more who all utilize Pingdom tool to check the uptime statistics and availability of their web pages, web applications, servers etc. Currently they have successfully grown their network more than 70 test locations covering Europe, USA and Asia Specific regions, it means website owners can test their websites, applications from any part of the world.


But today if you are already using a website and if your website performance is not good and if you are looking for information on how to check site performance with Pingdom tools then here is the complete information on it. Pingdom is one of the best-known website monitoring and speed testing tool. According to us, it is one of the best tools where you get the complete information about a website performance and I also indicate that on which area that you need to concentrate on. So to begin all you need to do is that enter your website URL and click on start test and the result will display on your screen. Not only that you can even check single articles which you have published on your website and you will get different results. Using Pingdom gives you more information about view content size by content type, content size by domain, the various requests being made by the domain etc.

Pingdom Website Analysis

So here are some of the features that you find when you search for your website performance on Pingdom tool:

Performance Insights

It is one of the important section where it helps you by giving some basic information about your website where it is lagging behind. It also acts as a checklist where you can go through and it also helps your website faster. So in here, you will find few hurdles, and you need to click on the down arrow which is shown on the right end and now you will see some information, so now follow that to resolve your issues.

Pingdom Porformance Monitoring tool

Response Codes

Here in this response code, you will find the information which is useful if you running a website a long time. In here it gives you the information on resources that help to load on the page. And the numbers which are displayed are the class statuses are usually A-OK.

Pingdom Response codes

Content and request breakdown

In here you will find four different table where you will get the information about the distribution of your content and your requests. And in Content size by content type, you can see all list of your assets which are grouped together by its type like, images, HTML, scripts, CSS etc. and with the help of this, you can take our any serious issues.
And in requests by content type, you can see the table where it shows the number of requests your site is making and thus helps your website to analyze and optimize it. Content size by domain and requests by domain in here it shows the same information related to the origin of your content. And in here you have to load the content from your local sources or else from your content Delivery Networks. On the other hand, if you are loading a lot of content from off-site sources, then there will be slow down on your website.

Pingdom Content and request breakdown

The waterfall

Here in this option, it is used for developers to gain a visual understanding of how websites will load and you can also see where are the issues are. It also shows the cache of information when you click on the down arrow on your right side. And the icons on the left side it indicates the type of content which is being requested. And over there is any of the response is not in 200 class then you will see the alert icon. Next is the request URL and the request size and there is also bar graph where it shows information on when and how the resource loaded.

Pingdom Waterfall tool


As you can see, understanding how PingDom can help you to check your website performance and how PingDom Speed Test Tool actually works and with the help of images and screenshots you can make a well-informed decision to improve the performance of your website. A waterfall chart is one of the crucial option to analyse and evaluate each and every file individually and understand how your individual files load. In case you are looking for best and safer option to analyse your website, PingDom is the best option to choose.

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