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Web Hosting Hub has the worst technical support program that I have ever experienced with any company! I have had an issue with them for the past week and I called for customer support and after being on hold for almost an hour I gave up. I tried again at a different time with the same futile results. Each time I call I get the old "we are experiencing longer than normal wait times and please wait while additional agents are made available". NOT!

I tried contacting customer support through the email option and received a reply that a representative would call me back within a couple of days. The return call never happened. I emailed customer support again and keep getting auto reply answers. Needless to say I am frustrated and not at all pleased with Web Hosting Hub. This sentiment has been expressed by numerous others on reviews of this company that can be found on the web.

I previously had Go Daddy for years. I was seduced by Web Hosting Hubs lower price. Fools gold is what I got.