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Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2018

Are you in search of the best WooCommerce hosting solution to create your online store or eCommerce website? Picking the best and reliable WooCommerce hosting service provider is one of the most crucial choice you will make for your online store.

A normal shared hosting package may not be a decent decision WooCommerce related needs. The main reason behind this is that you will require more resources along with SSL security, WooCommerce based support system, excellent uptime, website backup etc. Here in this post we will help you select the best WooCommerce hosting service provider for yor ecommerce website or online store. In case you are not fully sure which option is best suitable for you, you can always check with the support before making a purchase. With the help offered by these best hosting providers you can get the ideal solution for your eCommerce/online store.

With more than 10 millions of active downloads, WooCommerce is a leading online store creation plugin available for WordPress CMS. It is one of the featured packed extension which needs a marginally unexpected treatment in comparison to your typical WP (WordPress) page does. Up to a certain point with regards to web hosting. With our thoroughly chosen reliable, best and top WooCommerce hosting service providers, you are ensured the world’s top grade hosting services. Does not matter the size of your online store or eCommerce based website with the web hosting companies listed here, it will not just function fast yet it is going to be more secure, protected as well.

To make the selection process effortless and simpler, here on this page we have listed the best WooCommerce hosting companies. These are the top rated WooCommerce hosting providers that continuously rank on top because of their high quality, reliable, high-performance, excellent customer/technical support and affordable services.

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers in India

eUKHost Coupons: Save upto 50% on Web Hosting

eUkhost is based in the UK (United Kingdom), a reputed web hosting providers with a proven history and broad variety of services containing shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated server, Reseller hosting, domain name registration for the businesses of all sizes. All hosting solutions offered by this web hosts are available on both Linux and Windows operating systems. eUKhost claims to offer 99.95% uptime guarantee on normal shared hosting packages and a guarantee of 100% uptime on Cloud hosting services. Is not that great?

eUkHost Coupons & Offers

Does eUkHost really keep its promises, as well as what sort of customer support does it provide? You will get this details information by going through the real eUKhost reviews here. On this page UpatedReviews is going to share some promotional code of eUKhost for new customers. Reduce the cost of website hosting service at eUKhost with our latest and updated hosting coupon codes of eUKhost.

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Save flat 50% off on Premium Website Hosting Services at eUKhost, offer available on both Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting plans.

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Save flat 20% off on managed Dedicated servers at eUKhost, offer available on both Linux Hosting & Windows based dedicated server plans.

NGINX is an open source web server which can be utilized as a reverse proxy, mail proxy, load balancer, media streaming as well as HTTP cache. It is designed especially for greater performance and increased stability and started out as a web server. What's more, its HTTP server capabilities, NGINX can likewise work as an proxy server for email including IMAP, POP3 and SMTP and a reverse proxy as well as load balancer for HTTP, TCP & UDP servers.

Best Nginx Hosting Providers of 2018

Certainly selecting the web hosting service for Nginx is not so easy task, because using the web server will need full root access to a server along with a fully scalable and more flexible web hosting environment. Fortunately our team of expert did huge research, analysis and collected the list top 5 best Nginx hosting provider to make your select easier.

World's Best 5 Nginx Hosting Services



nginx a2hosting

At a Glance

  • 1-click Nginx setup
  • Up To 20X Faster Servers
  • Unlimited Storage, Transfer
  • Softaculous App Installer
  • Free cPanel, SSD, SSL
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee




A2 Hosting Reviews


A2 Hosting Review 

Nginx is an open source, free web server originally created by Igor Sysoev. Nginx also pronounced as Engine-X has gain huge popularity and acceptance over the past few years, depending on a architecture which offers increasingly unsurprising website or web application performance under increased loads.

What is Nginx?

Nginx is a powerful and performance-tuned proxy as well as HTTP web server. The performance advantages of Nginx’s web servers are obtained from its hold of asynchronous event-driven structure rather then a threaded model. This, together with increased simultaneous, make it able to be done for nginx to manage or control requests with least memory footprint. This feature makes Nginx an excellent and powerful choice as a web server option for every kind of businesses with less and huge amount of traffic and visitors. Nginx is fully developed, completely documented and well maintained solution making it much effortless for website owners to customize and configure it based on the needs. Many web developers use Nginx as reverse proxy web server for HTTPS, SMTP, HTTPS, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3). Few well-known and widely recognized websites for example Tumblr, WordPress, Reddit and Pinterest use Nginx. At present it holds the title of world's 2nd largest and most used web server, typically because of the fact that it can easily handle exceptionally huge amount of traffic.

Certainly, getting the right web hosting solution for Nginx is not that uncomplicated, as using this web server will need full root access to your web server along with the flexibility and scalability of hosting environment. Fortunately, to make your selection process easier and effortless we have done huge research, analysis and composed our recommendations for the best Nginx hosting service providers on this page!

What Your Nginx Web Server Hosting Provider Needs To Offer?

A reverse proxy web server that is in most of the situation user-installed, Nginx is normally held for VPS hosting, Cloud or Dedicated server options. At the time of choosing a web host for an Nginx installation choose a service provider who offers hosting packages that match all of your greater part of your other hosting necessities as well permits installation of Nginx on the server you choose. After huge consideration we have found A2 Hosting to be ideal choice for best Nginx web server hosting service.

Cloud Computing Tutorial

In this technological world, Cloud computing has become one of the hottest topic driving mainly by marketing as well as solutions given by big brands such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Cloud computing is the future of IOT (Internet Of Things). In spite of the fact that for few people Cloud computing is a substantial thing, but in reality it is not. In actual fact, Cloud computing solution is something that we have been utilizing for quite a while, it is one of the most recent Internet solution at the same time as the related norms that give an arrangement of web based solutions to users. At the moment users draw the concept Internet as a Cloud, they naturally speak the crucial attributes and qualities of cloud computing term.

Cloud computing gives us a system by which we can get to the web applications and websites as utilities over the web. It allow us to build, configure, deploy as well as personalize and alter the business based applications on the web.

In this Cloud computing tutorial we are going to take you through step-by-step while learning Cloud computing and related concepts.

Cloud Computing Tutorials for Beginners

Best Cloud Computing Tutorials for Beginners by experts and webmasters - Learn about Cloud Computing in easiest and detailed steps beginning from basic to innovative concepts along with examples containing introduction, History, Infrastructure, Cloud computing models, Providers, concept, challenges, basics and many more.

Top 30 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing.

Interesting facts about cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?.

What Is Cloud Computing? A Beginner's Guide.

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

Various Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Explained

How Does Cloud Computing Work

How Does Cloud Computing Work Explained?

Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Cloud.

Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Cloud: Difference Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cloud.


Top 5 Best, Worst Web Hosting Companies of 2018

Website Hosting service is essential for the success of any online business and website. It is the first and foremost thing to contemplate once you have made your mind to take your offline business to on the web.

It is not hidden that there are numerous of worst hosting providers around the world whose aim is just to go after innocent people’s looking for cheap, low-cost, free or inexpensive hosting services to host their websites.

Being in the hosting industry for a long time, we came to know that not either the low-cost nor the costlier option is the perfect type of hosting solution to use for a website, web page, web blog, online store, discussion forum, portfolio, or personal website. At the time looking for web hosting service provider, you need to do lots of analysis and research in order to choose a best and reliable hosting provider that will help you to take you business to the new heights of success. We have tried many hosting options including free, low-cost as well as costly to have the ability to make the correct decision and offer free advice to the people searching for a secure, dependable, trustable and fastest web hosting company to run with.

Top 5 Worst Web Hosting Companies

So here in this post I am going to share the list of top 5 web hosting companies for 2018. Most of the people and website owner think all they have to do for their web page is purchase web hosting service from any provider and that’s all. But having a hosting company is not everything. It is just a start of your online journey. There are many crucial factors you need to consider such as customer support, price, amount of bandwidth, uptime guarantee and most crucially the reputation of hosting company.

In case you have ever run a website or blog, then only you can understand the value of customer support and service. Customer support is something you should not take lightly or not ignore it because at some point of you need customer support and when you need it, you actually need it.

Our Criteria of Choosing the Web Hosts

We have used almost all type of hosting service such as shared, Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, WordPress, managed hosting as well as unmanaged hosting service at some point of time for our websites, so we can give good advice based on our knowledge, expertise and deciding from various sections including:

  • Customer Supportl
  • Website Security
  • Refund/Money Back
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Caching and Website Speed
  • Pricing and user-friendliness
  • Reputation of company
  • Worst Web Hosting Companies of 2018

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