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Similarly as you would not write out a paper or exam without studying, or instruct a class without doing a homework, beginning a website hosting account needs a huge research and analysis. In spite of the fact that you can discover web hosting plans that cost month to month billing, whereas many hosts force you to sign up for atleast one year with advance payment. To help lessen the prices as well support education, there are numerous of top web hosting providers give exclusive discounts to students, teachers and educational institutes. Since a long time students, learners and teachers have been asking us often, Which is the best web host for Students and Teachers? So recently we made a decision to take their question seriously. Our hosting experts recently tested accounts with some of the well-known hosting providers offering customized hosting for Students. Check out the best Student hosting services recommended by experts:☟

Best Student Hosting Plans



Siteground Student Hosting

At a Glance

  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • Amazing Speed With FREE CDN
  • cPanel With Softaculous
  • FTP, SSH & Git
  • Unlimited MySQL DBs
  • 80% Off The Regular Price




Siteground Reviews

Regularly $11.95

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Interserver Student Hosting

At a Glance





Interserver Reviews

$0.01 for 1st Mo.

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iPage Student Hosting

At a Glance

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Host unlimited domains
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • FREE Domain & Site Builder
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • $200 worth of advertising credit




Ipage Reviews


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What is Student Web Hosting?

Although details differ from one web hosting company to other, in general term a Student hosting is a lower level shared hosting plan on Linux powered server available at reduced cost to students, learners who can confirm that they are at the present time registered in an academic or a training program. Most of the time, students and trainees can keep using the hosting account after their studies and training programs, and prices generally goes up during first renewal. Most of the student hosting accounts contain restricted computing resources such as RAM, data transfer, Storage space etc. apart from this there is restrictions on the projects as well as sites that can be hosted on these kind of hosting accounts.

Student Hosting vs Traditional Hosting Service

So what are the major differences between student hosting and traditional web hosting service? A student web hosting plan is specifically tailored to serve the needs of different students. To give an instance, teachers as well as trainers can create quiz and publish on website, students/learners might need to discuss their courses, talk about their regular assignments, test books sharing, resume creation and sharing, hobbies and many more on a website. A normal student hosting package may not have all the features since this package is crafted to serve the needs of students whereas a traditional hosting service include some advanced features for serve the needs of small businesses, non-profit organizations and personal websites. Basically Student hosting is similar to traditional shared hosting service with restricted resources.

Why Every Student Needs A Website or Blog?

You might be having a thought that having a professional profile on LinkedIn network is enough? No. It is only a first step. You need a fully-functioning website or blog for yourself so that you can complete control over your profile. Just imagine, what happens if LinkedIn lose its popularity and user base the way of MySpace.com? Or if other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter goes out of business? It is simple, all the details and data you kept on those sites will go away. When you have your own website or web blog, you can stay assured because you will have full control over your website and you can backups your site at any point of time as well as restore your site easily in case anything wrong happen. When you depend on third party websites, you as well as your details are at their kindness. By having your own website you can secure a place on web for yourself.

Below I am going to share the major advantages of having a website for students?

☞ You Own Your Own Brand On the Web

When you own a website or blog using your name and optimize it for search engines like Google, Bing, Search engine will rank your website for specific keywords or for your name. In case you will be able to obtain higher position in SERP, you will definitely start getting clicks from the online users. This will build your own online brand on Internet and will make you popular.

☞ You Can Showcase Your Skills & Knowledge

By having a website you can easily showcase all the details about yourself to whole world through Internet. With a fully-functioning website or web blog you can show your images, display your resume, share your achievements, share your awards, promote your social media profiles and many more with any restrictions.

☞ Recruiters Can Find You Much More Easily

These days many recruiters ask candidates, jobs seekers about their online portfolio instead of resume because through online portfolio recruiters can easily collect all the details about yourself. In case your website is more popular you can get offers from top recruiters which will definitely help you to get good job. Also keep in mind that these days when you apply for any job, first thing company will do is search your profile on the web, therefore holding a result in search engine pages with your own website domain name, will surely help you to secure an Interview with reputed organization or company.

☞ A Website Helps You Learn and Try Coding

In case you are from the web development background and wish to try your coding skills, a website can surely help you with this. You can try your programming skills and modify the look and feel of your website the way you wish.

☞ You Can Do More with Your Website in The Future

When you register your own domain name for your website or blog, you are free to do whatever you wish to do with it. When you are studying you can use it for study purpose, resume creation, showcasing skills and once you complete your study you can use domain name for your business purpose to showcase your products or services.

What Is Included in a Student Web Hosting Plan?

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this post the details and features of Student hosting plans change from one provider to other. But generally a Student Web Hosting plan include the following things:

  • Shared server with Linux Operating System
  • Ability to Create MySQL databases
  • Ability to create email accounts on your domain name
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • 1-Click Script Installer
  • Limited Storage Space & Bandwidth
  • Ability to host custom-domain name
  • FTP Accounts & File Manager
  • The features listed above are generally included in a basic shared hosting plan in Linux server. By having a Student Web Hosting account you can easily host your website created using any popular CMS platform such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc.

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