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HostGator Flash Sale 2018 – Upto 60% OFF - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

HostGator.com is back with crazy discounts on Hosting.

Yes, you heard right, it’s HostGator Flash Sale for September 2017. This time, HostGator offers up to 60% huge discount on all new web hosting packages. 

If you are planning to buy Hosting packages from HostGator, don’t miss this crazy deal/offer..

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Get Upto 60% Off

HostGator Flash Sale 2017

Hostgator Flash Sale Details:

  • Sale Details: Up to 60% off Shared, Cloud and WordPress Hosting Plans!
  • Use Coupon Code: SEPT2017
  • Start Date: Tuesday, September 26th at 12:00am CT
  • End Date: Saturday, September 30th at 11:59pm CT
  • Get Upto 60% Off

    It's a limited time deal. So act QUICK!

    Hostgator Flash Sale

    More than 9,000,000+ domains already hosted and still giving huge offers and discounts so that website owners can join such greatness correct? Some companies only do only business and some actually care for their clients. HostGator.com actually cares. That is the reason why HostGator Flash Sale Offer is here with upto 60% discount for their valuable customers. One of the best hosting service provider in the world is providing its customers with an over 60% off huge discount on their flash sale deal 2017. So don't be late. Grab upto 60% off Flash Sale offer now!!

    Hostgator FLASH SALE! Starting from 26th September 2017, and running through the end of September month. With this offer you can get up to 60% off Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Optimized WordPress Hosting plans, too!

    How to Grab HostGator 60% Off Flash Sale

    Top High PR Instant Approval Article Submission Sites 2018 - 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    In order to get more number of users and traffic to a website, it is much crucial for a website owner to keep sharing eye-catching and appealing articles that can attract the more audience. While sharing articles, it is much important that the websites where these articles/contents are shared should be free of cost and at the same time instant approved so that it can help you to speed up the site ranking process.

    Here on this page we have shared the list of updated High PR Instant Approval Article Submission Site List of 2018 which contains many useful links that will help you in boosting the traffic. This kind of list of quality links is beneficial for the website owners having low budget because it help to improve the site rank without spending money.

    It is always good to gain quality backlinks from High PR, DA & PA Article Submission Sites and choose the best sites to submit your articles. As these are instant approval website, this means these sites will approve your articles instantly and help you to get quality and high authority backlinks and traffic to your website.

    Before you begin sharing your articles on these sites ensure that you do not share same article content to multiple sites (1 content – 2 sites) as it is not good from the organic SEO point of view.

    After making some research on the web through search engines like Google, Yahoo one can get easy access to a complete List of Instant Approval Article Submission Sites that can definitely help in growing your business online. Also, make sure you are following the submission guidelines such as avoid grammatical mistakes, share 100% unique and original content etc.

    Top Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

    Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List

  • https://www.newsvine.com/
  • http://www.apsense.com
  • https://www.tumblr.com/
  • http://www.zimbio.com/
  • http://www.amazines.com/
  • http://articlicious.com/
  • http://hubpages.com/
  • http://www.easy-articles.com/
  • http://www.articlesbd.com/
  • https://medium.com/
  • http://www.sooperarticles.com/
  • http://idleexperts.com/public/
  • https://article999.com/
  • http://articleneed.com/
  • http://www.articlesbd.com/
  • http://ezinemark.com/
  • http://amazines.com/
  • http://threadwatch.org/
  • http://articleside.com/
  • http://www.selfgrowth.com/
  • http://www.articlebiz.com/
  • https://www.storeboard.com/
  • http://www.imfaceplate.com/
  • https://onmogul.com/
  • http://www.sooperarticles.com/
  • https://justpaste.it/
  • https://www.boredpanda.com/
  • http://www.marketmyarticle.com/
  • Bluehost India vs GoDaddy India: Who's the Winner? - June 2018 - 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    Bluehost and Godaddy both are the Top Web Hosting Companies in the world, serving customers worldwide including India. Both of these companies offers similar types of hosting services like Shared Hosting, Email Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting available on both windows & Linux servers. Apart from hosting they also offers domain name registration.

    Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Who To Select For Website Hosting?

    Bluehost India vs Godaddy

    To server Indian customers Bluehost.in and in.godaddy.com offers many services some of them are listed below:

    Local Customer/Tech Support

    Bluehost India offers customer support from Mumbai for Indian clients whereas Godaddy India offers support through it's Hyderabad office to server Indian users. Both of these companies provides support through various ways including email, live chat and toll-free. Bluehost India Toll free number- 1-800-121-1058 and Godaddy India contact number: 04067607600.

    Server Location

    Bluehost India servers are located in India as well as US whereas the server location of Godaddy India is Singapore to serve Indian customers.

    Indian Currency Payment Choice

    To Serve Indian users both Godaddy India and Bluehost India offers payment option in Indian currency (Rupees) which means that you can easily pay in Rupees to buy hosting from these companies via payment mediums such as Debit/credit Cards, Internet Banking, direct deposit,, cheque as well as demand drafts etc. Read user reviews of Bluehost India.

    Both Bluehost India and Godaddy offers quite similar features in Shared Hosting plans. But Bluehost offers Unmetered Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts and you can host 1 website in starter plan which is named as Standard plan which costs $2.95/mo. + Free Domain name. Checkout Bluehost Hosting Plans here. whereas Godaddy offers just 30 GB Storage space, Unmetered bandwidth and 100 MB of email storage space in their starter plans which costs Rs.99/mo. Checkout Godaddy Hosting Plans here.

    Both of these hosting companies uses Cpanel (control panel) as a default panel for Linux hosting and Plesk panel for windows web hosting plans. Both of these service providers offers easy application installer in their control panel which makes applications and CMS installation very easy and you can install almost every type of CMS in just few clicks.

    Both Godaddy and Bluehost provides their users with PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI, mcryp, Apache 2.2x, MySQL 5, Ruby On Rails, ionCube Loader, Zend Optimizer, Zend Engine etc. Apart from these features they also supports features like Advance Spam/Virus Protection, Fraud protection, Cron Jobs, SMTP, FTP, IMAP, Email Forwarding, Email Fitering, Blackberry, iPhone, Android support for email, Hotlink & Leech Protection, Auto responders, Email Privacy, Secure FTP Access, etc. Read user reviews of Godaddy India.

    If you opt for top tier plan of shared hosting of both Bluehost India or Godaddy India you will be provided with the option to host unlimited domains and sub-domains. Godaddy charge Rs.499/mo. For their top level web hosting plans and Bluehost India charge Rs.419/mo for it's unlimited shared hosting. Which means that both Bluehost.in as well as Godaddy India does not put any limitations on the number of sites you can host on your account. Be that as it may, this is subjected to the terms and states of the Godaddy and Bluehost. But it is highly recommend to go through the terms and conditions of both Godaddy and Bluehost India.

    Apart from shared hosting both of the hosts also offers VPS Hosting, Reseller, Dedicated Server, email Hosting and CMS Hosting like Joomla, WordPress. But from the pricing point of view Bluehost India is much cheaper as compared with Godaddy India for all kind of hosting services. Bluehost also offers Cloud Hosting whereas Godaddy has stopped it's cloud hosting services. Let us now talk about Domain registration, Godaddy India leads in this segment as it is an ICANN approved registrar of domains and is the world’s leading domain name registrar. It offers wide range of Domains, it also provides the users with options like Domain Parking, Domain Auctions etc. Whereas Bluehost India is not ICANN accredited domain registrar, it is only a domain reseller. However, now the circumstances has changed completely after the acquisition of the Bigrock by Bluehost India’s parent company, Endurance International Group (EIG). Bigrock is a leader in the domain registration industry, also an ICANN accredited registrar of domains. It provides Bluehost India a highly competitive website domain name registration with comparison to Godaddy.

    Reputation and Credibility of Bluehost India and Godaddy India in Hosting

    With regards to reputation and credibility of both of the companies for web hosting services especially in India then Bluehost is miles ahead of the Godaddy India. There are lot of negative feedback's about Godaddy’s web hosting services because of its slow speed, security and other issues while Bluehost is well-known all over the globe for its excellent and highly secured web hosting solutions. However, Now Godaddy has equipped it's hosting services with Cpanel and Plesk and also redesigned it's hosting architecture but still Godaddy is far away from the good. Bluehost India is the best option to host a website as per opinion of the bloggers and most of the web masters around the world.

    Final Thought

    If you are looking for reliable and best hosting solution for your website, I would definitely recommend Bluehost India over Godaddy for reliable website hosting services whether you are looking for Shared Hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Email Hosting or Dedicated server hosting and if you are looking for Domain registration services I would suggest you to give a try to Bigrock. Bluehost India defeat Godaddy in almost every area whether its hosting charges, server location, server performance even the customer support . Even though Bluehost India is a newly entered player in the Indian hosting industry but it has a huge expertise in web hosting field and also has gained huge reputation. As per my opinion Bluehost India should be your first choice if you are planning to buy web hosting services for your website. For domain name registration services you can either go with Bigrock or Godaddy. You can also give a try to Bluehost.com if you are looking for US Server.

    If you are searching overall best deal on website hosting then Bluehost is better than Godaddy. If you are looking for cheaper hosting option with limited features go with Godaddy.

    If you are planning to opt for an independent hosting company, i.e, not owned by a holding corporation like EIG) with excellent service and Great performancegive a try to InMotion Hosting.

    Or if you are searching for cheaper hosting option with unlimited features & excellent performance, I would recommend you to go with ipage, Unlimited Hosting starts from $1.99/mo..

    Also check – Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide on How to Start a Blog.

    Are you using Bluehost India or Godaddy India for your website? How’s your experience so far? Let us know in the comments!

    Shared Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting – What’s The Difference? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Hosting is one of the most required thing for any online business. Without buying a good hosting service, you won’t be able to have a website online. Although, selection of a right type of web hosting package based on your needs is another important thing to consider.

    Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

    There is a wide variety of hosting choices available on the web but the most common and widely used options are Shared, VPS, managed hosting, and dedicated server. To keep this concept easy to understand now we are going to go through the two mostly used hosting choices for web pages that mainly take the advantage of WordPress CMS.

    Below we are going to discuss about managed WordPress hosting and traditional shared hosting plan in which you can use WordPress as a CMS for your website.

    Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

    What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

    Managed WordPress hosting refers to a web hosting environment which especially for WordPress websites. Think of it as you are wearing a tailored made dress, which fitted to your body perfectly. Rather than purchasing a dress with your closed eyes.

    Various Benefits of Managed WordPress hosting:

  • Security: As one of the widely used and popular hosting choice wordpress hosting comes with extreme level of security. Additionally at any point of time, if your site gets hacked you will have the option to contact a dedicated support team which is specifically trained for WordPress-specific issues.
  • Incredibly Fast Compare to Other Hosting Options: In Wordpress hosting environment every facet of the server side has been adjusted to serve WordPress powered website's. This type of hosting facility can frequently drop web page loading time by a few seconds or more.
  • Up to Date Server: As your website is fully managed by the team of hosting experts, it will always make certain that your server is up to date and running on the latest software/application, as a result of it, your website can work as effectively as possible. The main motive of managed hosting service provider is to keep you as well as your website, always happy.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: With wordpress hosting the users will be provided with a support team which is highly expert in managing WordPress based website.
  • Increased Server Uptime: As your website will be sharing server resources such as RAM, memory, bandwidth with limited number of websites. As a result of it, you can get a greater amount of the server resources.
  • Drawbacks of Managed Wordpress Hosting?

    Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has its benefits and drawbacks, Since managed WordPress hosting is a custom-made internet hosting option, it is having few drawbacks. such as, the charges for this sort of hosting are typically much higher.

    In some cases, there also are restrictions on the number of customization you'll be able to do across your website. Some of the managed WordPress hosts of service providers will not let your site to make use of few types of plugins. So in case your site needs certain type of plugins, and those certain plugins are added to the list of host’s restricted plugins, in that situation you might need to look for another hosting option. Another biggest drawback of this hosting is, you can only deploy WordPress CMS on managed WordPress hosting environment and any other kinds of CMSs software like Joomla, drupal etc. Are not allowed in this hosting option.

    Why Should You Use Shared Hosting?

    Shared hosting can be perfectly best suitable option if you are just getting started with your first website and expecting less number of visitors, But, in case you’re having a growing website and also expecting large number visitors, then you may need to consider upgrading your service to some more reliable option such as VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server.

    For example, when you opt for a shared hosting service your website is hosted on a server with hundreds or sometimes even thousands of other websites. You probably have no clue who these different sites are, and regardless of whether they have actual safety measures set up, or these websites are utilizing an appropriately coded template.

    In shared hosting environment the server resources such as web space, bandwidth, memory etc. Divided between every single website using the same server and in case any website experiences a large volume of traffic as a result of it your website may load very slow or it may not even load. As per my knowledge Shared hosting is not as reliable as compare managed WordPress environment.

    In short there’s no “right” hosting option for each and every type of business out there. But, if you are able to spend extra prices of WordPress managed hosting, and have ideas to grow your web page within the future, then fully managed WordPress hosting service is the most recommended option to choose.

    If price is the major concern for you then you can go with the basic shared hosting, you can always upgrade to any other option, as your website grows!

    Are you using Managed Wordpress Hosting or Shared Hosting for your website? How’s your experience so far and which hosting provider would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

    Overview of Some Best WordPress Hosting Providers

    As a website owner I have tried many different hosting companies as a customer as well as a reviewer. I am using Wordpress as well as Joomla for my websites.

    Here’s an overview of few of the best and reliable web hosting brands:

    Siteground WordPress Hosting

    Siteground is one of the best brand in the web hosting industry. Their WordPress Hosting plans are crafted for a Great Start with WordPress, costs $3.95/mo. Their hosting contains free CDN and NGINX. They also provide their users with one-click setup for WordPress.

    Read Siteground Review here.

    Checkout Siteground Hosting Plans.

    iPage WordPress Hosting Plans

    iPage is another reputed name in the hosting industry provides affordable hosting solutions. Their WordPress Hosting plans comes with with pre-installed applications.

    Read iPage Review Here.

    Check iPage Hosting plans.

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

    Bluehost is one of the biggest name in the WordPress world field. Bluehost is Recommended by Wordpress.org Since 2005. Their wordpress hosting is little costlier compare to other providers but contains amazing features.

    Read Bluehost Review.

    Check Bluehost Hosting plans.

    InMotion WordPress Hosting Review

    InMotion is a rapidly growing independent hosting provider. I use them for this site. Their WordPress-Optimized Web Hosting is available at lowest cost of $3.49/mo. They also provide a drag-and-drop site builder tool with WordPress Hosting packages.

    Read our InMotion Hosting review.

    Check InMotion Hosting plans.

    Final Thoughts

    The short form of WordPress Web Hosting vs. Regular Web Hosting is one of convenience vs. Control over your website.

    In the event that the convenience of WordPress Hosting solution is worth regardless of the higher cost point, at that point go for it. It’s worth high cost. If you are on a tight budget or looking for complete control over 3rd party applications, then it is recommended to use regular web hosting.

    You might be interested to check the list of top Wordpress Hosting Providers or How to setup a blog using Wordpress.

    All the best.

    Best Web Hosting Companies in Mumbai - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    Top 10 Web Hosting Services in Mumbai

    Mumbai is the finance capital of India and also the capital of Maharashtra state of India. situated on the west coast of India. Being the Financial capital on India it is the most richest city of India with the Highest GDP rate.

    Mumbai is also among the world's top 10 centers of business/commerce if we speak about the financial progress. When we discuss about money and Finance related things, Business is the first thing which comes to our mind, So Mumbai is also a biggest business hub of India.

    If you are planning to start a Business in Mumbai there are few things you must need such as an investment, good plan and on top of that a reliable web hosting service to host your business website. There are numerous web hosting companies in Mumbai, India. But it is recommended to choose a top web hosting company to host your business website. A good host should provide you with reliable hosting, web Servers and domain registration services at cost effective cost.

    To make your selection easy and effortless, we have analyzed and listed the top web hosting companies in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra based on customer feedback's, reviews and services they offer. These companies are expert in providing services like Shared, VPS Server Hosting, Website building tools, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting as well as website domain name registration solutions at economical cost.

    Here is the List of Web Hosting Companies in Mumbai


    1. Bluehost.in

    Bigrock India Customer ReviewsBluehost India one of the top web hosting company in Mumbai, is a part of Endurance International Group (EIG) of business and provides world class hosting solution based on constant improvement in their web services and products and having more than 10 years of experience in the hosting industry. Additionally, by buying a web hosting plan from Bluehost India, you will be provided with the benefit of paying in Indian currency (Rupees) in case you do not have a credit card or PayPal account, therefore giving you a smooth payment option. Read Bluehost India hosting reviews here..


    2. Bigrock.in

    Bigrock Web Hosting reviewBigRock is a leading service provider of online-presence to all kind of websites such as small-businesses, professionals and individuals. Bigrock provide it's users with a comprehensive suite of products and services that help them to create & grow their web presence. Their services includes – domain name registration, business email, web hosting services, Cloud hosting, KVM VPS, website building tools, Dedicated Server, application hosting and digital/SSL certificates. Read Bigrock Reviews here..


    3. znetlive.com

    znetliveZnetLive India is one of the top leading web hosting providers in India and was founded in 2002 to provide the reliable and Best web hosting solution all over India and world. However Znetlive is an Indian hosting company, it has a close bond with US (United States) and Singapore and have some servers located in America as well as Singapore. It offers services like Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Business email solution and domain name registration. Checkout user reviews of ZnetLive India.


    4. IndiaLinks.com

    IndiaLinks.com reviewIndialinks web hosting is one of the fastest growing provider of web services located in Mumbai, the Finance Capital of India. Started in 1997, since IndiaLinks.com have grown every year and now they have very strong customer base of 90,000+ customers worldwide. IndiaLinks offers a broad range of hosting services; including Shared hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud VPS Hosting, domain registration as well as email solution. They are well-known for their flexible and scalable Linux and Windows shared hosting services. Read Indialinks web hosting review.


    5. Paceinfonet.com

    pace infonet reviewsPaceInfoNet is a full-featured hosting service provider serving people all over India. PaceInfoNet.com have been serving their customers for many years, and have become one of the trusted names in the website hosting industry for Indian region.

    At Pace Info net Web hosting Solutions, they are offering everything one need so they can develop themself on the web with self-confidence and belief. The website domain name that recognizes your business to your potential viewers & visitors, your email solution, web hosting plans from the basic to as full-featured and flexible as our cloud server hosting services, through VPS hosting and high-powered Dedicated Servers. They believe and trust in their own technology and the development of solutions always from your perspective and real needs.


    6. IHostingMart.com

    ihostingmart hosting reviewsIHosting Mart, founded in 2009, located in New Mumbai (Navi Mumbai), India to support all kind of business website including corporate and individuals by giving them complete online business solutions. In short span of time it has gained a worldwide reputation in the web hosting field by offering services such as Domains Registration India, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Business Email, SSL Certificate, Application Hosting, and site building tools.

    Hostsoch Coupons

    Hostsoch Coupons - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Hostsoch Coupons & Discount Codes - September 2018

    Hostsoch is a fastest growing web hosting provider in India operational since 2012. They offer services like website hosting, Dedicated Server, domain name registration, email solution, SSL certificates etc. They provide users with 24*7 customer support in the form of live chat, telephone, email system etc. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Below on this page you can get latest coupon codes, promo codes, deals and discounts to save money while making purchases at Hostsoch.in.

    Hostsoch Coupon Codes

    Latest Hostsoch Coupon Codes 2018, Discount & Promotional Deals

    Get web hosting services from HostSoch at much affordable cost. This can be done easily by using exclusive Coupon Codes, Promo codes, Deals, Discount Coupon codes and offers available here at UpdatedReviews. All the listed voucher codes are tested by our team before making live on our website to our viewers so that they have only 100% working and authentic deals to apply during checkout. Also read HostSoch Reviews to know about their services.

    HostSoch 3 Active Coupons

    Avail Flat 50% Off On WordPress Hosting + Free Domain

    Get huge Flat 50% Off discount On WordPress Hosting Plans at HostSoch. No Minimum Purchase Required. Hit The Get Deal Button Now For More Details.

    Coupon Code : HSWORDPRESS25

    Validity : 30th April 2018


    Get exclusive 25% OFF on all Shared Hosting Packages. Offer Applicable for all Tenure. Visit Now and Get Free Domain Name with Unlimited plan.

    Coupon Code : HSSHARED25

    Validity : 30th April 2018


    Looking for Best Windows Hosting Plans! Grab 25% Flat Discount on Windows Hosting at HostSoch+ Free Domain Name with Unlimited Windows Hosting Plan. Visit Today to Grab This Offer.

    Coupon Code : HSWINDOWS25

    Validity : 30th April 2018

    The Best Website Monitoring Services of 2018 (FREE & PAID) - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    best website monitoring service

    Here in this post we reviewed and analyzed few of the most popular website monitoring services.

    Do you want to keep track of your website performance?

    Presumably you want to check whether you are really getting that 99.99% Uptime as your selected web hosting service provider guaranteed?

    Or maybe you are concerned that your web page is not that much fast?

    Well here in this post – we have got a perfect solution for you. That is the situation where site monitoring/observing services can prove to be useful. With these monitoring services, you can easily check the strong points as well as weak points of your website, which will help you to improve your website performance and increase sales. Sounds good?

    The Best Website Monitoring Services 2018

    Let us now take a look at few of the best FREE and PAID website monitoring services and tools that you can start using instantly. We have tested these services menually. Let’s begin with FREE Website Monitoring Services:


    For maintaining a website of small business, indeviduals and newbie webmasters, free is the bestway to proceed. Fortunately, manynumerous of companies have created free website monitoring tools that will give at least normal monitoring and reporting about a webpage’s security, uptime, and other suspicious factors. Most of these monitoring tools also comes with an “upgrade option” to a more powerful, paid edition of web page monitoring service as well.

    1. Uptime Robot

    Free Plan to start with (including total 50 monitors, 2 months of log, 5 minute monitoring intervals)


    Pro Plan: Under Pro Plan you will have 23 options to choose from, Costs $7.4/mo(including 100 monitors, 12 months of logs, 1 minute monitoring intervals) and higher tier plan costs $649/mo. Includes 20000, 12 months of logs, 850 "Pro SMS" messages *, and 12 months of logs.

    If you are in search of a completely free solution for your website, Uptime Robot is the best option to start, Launched in January 2010 offer a non-complicated/trouble-free uptime service. They guarantee that it will remain free of cost, with prices included for any premium options they provide later on.

    This free tool will monitor your website every five minutes and send you alert throughemail if there is any downtime issue with your website. However this free tool works well, there is lack of larger operations for that you will find the premium options. For example, all primary monitors are made from the main engines located in Dallas-USA, with a few others outspread throughout the other locations of the world, but with premium/paid monitoring otions typically comes with 40-50 server located in the different countries to keep monitoring your website to verify the downtime.

    Uptime Robot is one of the best tool available online without any charges, despite the fact that some users express dissatisfaction about the limited features of this tool, such as no availability of manual alert testing. You also will not provided with web page speed insights like with few other premium website monitoring services.

    2. MONITIS

    Cost: Free ($130/mo. for premium service)

    monitis review

    Another good choice is monitis.com for all website owners who want complete insight about their online website and the web server. The free monitoring plan issues daily reports on website uptime related issues, web server performance as well as network performance. Users have the choice to create custom-defined details. Unlike few other free monitoring service providers, monitis.com is based total in the cloud environment and is therefore it is totally portable between domain names and servers. Premium package is aso available for users who need extra features with multiple locations, multiple servers or who need 1-minute monitoring intervals for their website.


    Cost: Free

    Montastic is another great option for personal web page owners, webmasters and for those who are going to start a small business website. The free monitoring service look over the website every 30 minutes and reports on things such as website downtime, web page errors, and any other error that it identify. All the error reports are sent through email, however this tool also keeps a series of applications for Mac, iPhone, Windows, iOS, Android etc. As well as Yahoo widget. This is one of the exceptional approach among all free website monitoring services, since each and every applications as well as widgets provides real-time monitoring solution of web page reports, server downtime, and other important details. Apart from free plan they also have 4 paid packages starts from $5/mo. If you want to monitor more than 3 url's then you go for a paid service.


    Cost: Free

    basicstate Review

    Another best free monitoring tool for personal websites, small blogs, and startup business sites. This tool will check the status of unlimited number of websites for website owners every 15 minutes and alert them through e-mail or SMS if there is any problem or issue with their website. Additionally there is an alternative to generate a daily website uptime report with a two weeks record and the service can be easily customized to add default, backup solution and alert schedules for emergency situations based on your choice.


    If sizes really matters to you then you will definitely excited to know that InternetSeer declares themselves to be the largest website monitoring service provider, currently monitoring over 2.5 million websites worldwide. This monitoring systems remotely check your web page from various geographic monitoring terminals. If any point of time the monitoring system is incapable to reach the website, you will be notified via email or phone alert.


    Are you searching for something more advanced than a free monitoring service? The web is loaded with premium/paid service providers that charge fixed monthly fee for web page monitoring services. Below mentioned 5 best options provide exceptional service with great support, and satisfaction, to corporate/large websites and growing domain names.

    1. PINGDOM

    Cost: $11.95 – $199 per month with a 14-day free trial.

    pingdom review

    Pingdom is one of the best website monitoring solution for professionals and webmasters who are planning to monitor website uptime. Unlike many different monitoring services, Pingdom has many secured servers in various locations and countries that continuously, even concurrently, monitor website uptime and other related issues. This is an unique perspective make sure that a website downtime report is not issued based on one country’s server could not able to ping the website. Furthermore apart from uptime monitoring, Pingdom also provides excellent support via Online, email & phone, also send text message alerts if something went wrong with the websites you are monitoring, and allowed to run up to 250 random website checks every month. Along with website monitoring Pingdom also offers Website Speed test tool to check the speed of a website.


    Cost: $9.92/mo. – $99/mo.30-days free trial

    One of the best paid monitoring tool and this extensive, premium monitoring service goes effectively apart from checking circumstances of website downtime. Along with this excellent paid service, this tool also manages to keep en eye of the server performance & downtime as well as network connection concerns across the web server and the customer, database issues, other error occurs with page, content modifications distrustful login attempts, and provide high security for online transactions.

    Best thing about this tool is that all of the data, information gathered at the time of monitoring a web page can be without difficulty handled with the help of Host-Tracker’s wonderful charts & graphical data. Monitoring service users can go through long-term movements, daily statistics, or particular occurrences that generated alerts to be sent in the first and foremost. At last but not least Host-Tracker tool offers to convey alerts through email as well as SMS, without any extra charges.

    3. SITE24X7

    Cost: $9 – $225/month with 30-day free trial

    site24x7 review

    Another best paid website monitoring service online with outstanding data offering and wide-ranging monitoring solution, Site24x7 offers its users the capability to monitor web server responsiveness, issues related to network connection, normal web page downtime, issues related to website and complete performance, CPU usage check, firewall capability, memory, storage space and disc performance related issues as well as internet service performance related concerns. Reports and Analysis can be run at any point of time, with data collected based of the last 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, one quarter, or 1 year analysis.


    Pricing: $199/Mo. to $1,999/mo.

    smartbear review

    SmartBear, which acquired it's competing APM vendor AlertSite, is one of their top five paid website monitoring tools available of 2017. Despite the fact that time has stepped on, SmartBear has sustained its name as one of the leading, most powerful tools for large business and enterprise clients who desire to monitor each and every detail of their website's online presence. One point you need to consider is that, this sort of outstanding level of performance, security and scalability does not available at cheapest rates. With packages starting from $199/month to $1,999 cost every month, this is a monitoring tool undoubtedly aimed to target corporate clients with huge money.

    The Alertsite service monitors SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) mechanism, like cloud computing software, for the purpose of security, safety, stability, and performance related issues. SmartBear/Alertsite also put an eye on mobile/android apps, mobile web pages, and APIs that an organization or business might be using to connect with team members and developers. At last, there are other two “advantages” that add true worth: No coding/programming skill is needed to start with this tool, and 2nd one is that the company employs around 340 testing nodes all over the world to make sure that all the reports are the most correct.


    Cost: $11 – $47.66 monthly

    uptrends review

    Initially started as a free of charge tool for monitoring websites uptime, From past few years Uptrends has completely moved to a paid subscription model instead of free subscription. As this monitoring tool has converted to a FFS (Fee-for-service) model, Uptrends has also included many unique and new features to its all website monitoring packages. With monitoring services starting from $11/mo., Uptrends provides it's users with 1-60 min interval uptime/website monitoring, 5-60 min multi-browser monitoring option, and 5-60 minute transaction monitoring service.


    Let us now discuss about which one is the best for each customer need? For all the premium users, it presumably goes without saying that SmartBear or Alertsite is the most preferred choice and the one undoubtedly to work effectively for big organizations and corporate customers or highly expert mobile app developers. This is the only service listed in our list that comes with monitoring of mobile based websites, applications monitoring as well as API monitoring, and additionally 340+ testing nodes available globally. That kind of dedication regarding to extensive reporting is uncommon and exceptional.

    On the free of cost side of services, the competition is a bit high. Even so, the best monitoring option for free users is likely to be one and only Uptime Robot . With uptime robot's free service users can monitors 50 websites, 5 min intervals, get alerts Via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, HipChat, web-hooks etc., and 2 months of data logs. With an excellent 400,000+ trusted users and a rock-solid developers community, Uptime robot is a perfect tool that can actually grow with free service users as their website requirements amend over time.

    Outstanding Options for Website Monitoring Across The Board

    Regardless of whether it's something as essential as website or server uptime, or something as Developed as SaaS (Software as a service) monitoring, content Analysis, and security upgrade, listed web page monitoring services can take care of everything. Additionaly each and every service offers an extensive variety of free and paid alternatives that can really work well with any budget. When buying a web monitoring service for your website, ensure that the company you are going to choose offers the proper type of monitoring service with best of best customer support.

    Furthermore it is much important that you invest your hard-earned money in a top quality web hosting company or service provider – To find best hosting solution checkout the list of over 20 well known and Best Web Hosting Companies.

    Have you used any of the above mentioned tools for your website? Let us know by commenting below.

    10 Important Factors of a Best Web Hosting Service - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Need help Selecting a Best web hosting provider for your website or Online Project? Here are the top 10 best things you should consider.

    Important Factors of a Good Web Hosting


  • 99.99% UpTime Guarantee– Were you aware of the fact that 99.90% server uptime is already 10 minutes of server downtime every week? Many web hosting service providers guarantee 99.99% uptime, but as stated in our web hosting reviews – that is not at all true. Something you need to keep in mind.
  • Website load Time Below 500ms – While the web page loading time mainly relies on the structure of your page, there is also a significant role of a web hosting provider or company. Suppose your website loads slower than 30 second, you are already losing potential users and visitors.
  • Unmetered web space or disk/storage space and bandwidth/data transfer– Do you like limits? We do not. Don’t get befuddled by the term unlimited, though.

  • Reasonable Cost – A reliable and best shared hosting service can be found below $4-$5 monthly. And that’s the price anyone can afford. Here you can find cheap web hosting services.
  • FREE Domain Name: This is an stupendous advantage for beginner webmasters and small business owners. Do not miss that chance t grab free domain for your startup.
  • Renewal Chanrges: Renewal charges must be mentioned on the website, or else you might paying more than double or triple next year.
  • Moneyback Guarantee: A good web host must provide at least a guarantee of 30 days. In case you feel unsatisfied with the service, you can ask for the refund.

  • Customer Support : A good web host should be able to provide 24*7 customer support via emails system, telephone and ticket systems can be undependable, with these support methods you can not get an prompt support in case of emergency. If you are choosing a hosting provider that has 24/7 live chat option – you will have higher chances of getting your queries and troubles resolved as soon as possible.
  • Contact Details: Contact details such as main Business name and primary address should be available on the website of hosting provider.
  • Cpanel (Control Panel): A Host service provider should have a cPanel to manage your website (if hosting company does not have cPanel, a control panel to manage your website files, images and other data, you might be going to deal with a poor host).
  • If you are looking for a hosting company that matchs the criterias listed above, it is highly recommend you to check our reviews on Bluehost India, A2 Hosting, iPage Hosting and inMotion Hosting.

    Anything important we have missed? Feel free to Leave a comment below!

    Best Web Hosting Companies in Delhi NCR - 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Top 10 Web Hosting Services in Delhi

    Are you looking for best web hosting companies in Delhi NCR to host your website? On this page we have all the top rated hosting providers located in New Delhi/NCR. All the listed hosting providers provides Economical Website Hosting Solutions for Budget, Business and Enterprise clients from New Delhi NCR India. These companies are serving clients across the globe some of them belongs to Delhi, NCR - India, US (United States), UK (United Kingdom), Canada, Australia etc.. These companies are also offering world class web hosting at economical cost without compromising with quality and features of the web hosting packages.

    Here is the List of Web Hosting Companies in Delhi


    1. DelhiWebHosting.co.in

    delhiwebhosting.co.in reviewDelhi Web Hosting was founded in 2009 and is now 8th years in hosting business. Delhi Web Hosting is one of the top Domain name registration and web hosting company in India, Currently Hosting more than 10,000 Domains worldwide. It is the only company in India, which provides dedicated account manager for customer support.


    2. WebHostingDelhi.com

    webhostingdelhiWeb Hosting Delhi was founded in 2008 and is now 9 years in the hosting industry. WebHostingDelhi is expert is providing Economical Web Hosting Services for Budget, Business and Enterprise class customer from New Delhi India as well as other regions of India. Their Windows based 2003 / 2008 and Linux platform web hosting plans are customized to meet every website requirements. If you are searching for business class email Solutions then try their High Performance E-Mail Solutions, at UpdatedReviews we are sure that you will be glad to use the web hosting solutions provided by this hosting company.

    How To Start a Blog in 2018 - Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    So, are you curious how to start a blog? I am so happy you are here at UpdatedReviews! Here I am going to share steps to create a successful blog. My main motive is to describe the mandatory steps to get off to a profitable and successful blogging start, no technical expertise needed.


    I started my first blog in 2012 with little computer knowledge. I struggled a lot. This guide contains what I learned during my journey and is especially for the people who want step-by-step guidance in simplest and easiest format.

    How to start a blog to make money

    Why You Should Start A Blog

    There are numerous of reasons you might consider. Below mentioned are a few most popular ones:

    Note: If you already have a strong plan of the whys, then skip these steps and go straight away with the guide.

  • You can generate good amount of money while working from home. Many bloggers are making good money from full-time blogging. Making money with a blog is little bit difficult, but the barrier to access in blogging is very low.
  • Once you get into blogging, you will notice that you are becoming a good writer and thinker. Discovering good content requires creative thought. When you become fully expert in creating quality content for your blog, you can see improvement in the process of your writing, thinking and researching skills.
  • With blogging you can get more publicity for your current business. With a blog anyone from individuals to large organizations can reach large number of people at reasonable price.
  • Blogging is a great way to express yourself, communicating with others and also a fantastic way to share information and news with others.
  • The best reason to start a blog? You can make money doing it!
  • I am sure all of you already knew about all the points I have mentioned here, but it is great to be reminded.

    One very last thing I want to tell you before we get started with blog:

    Making your own or personal blog can take very little time, most likely up to 30 minutes. So take yourself a cup of tea, coffee or juice (whatever you want) and let us get stuck in. If you need any help or at any point of time you feel any trouble during the set-up process, feel free to get in touch with me and I will definitely help you.

    The 6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog or Website

    Below mentioned are the few major steps we are going to cover in this post. Take it easy, I will walk you directly through.

    1. Choose a Topic to Blog or Decide what to blog about
    2. Choose a Platform for your blog
    3. Find a reliable web host
    4. Pick a domain name for your blog
    5. Install WordPress
    6. Designing of your blog

    Step 1: Choose a Topic to blog about

    If you are creating blog for business, company or organization, this step will be very simple to determine. In that situation your blog should be related to your products or services you provide.

    If you are an individual, you can choose a topic based on your interest, you have many choices to choose from. But the main factors to remember are:

  • You should blog about something with more than enough room for conversation. A perfect blog must have plenty of unique content to set in motion and to remain interesting.
  • Pick a topic in which you can set up yourself as an expert. You will most likely not be the first person to blog about the niche you pick. It's practically guaranteed another person or individual has already planned of it before you. You don’t have to worry about this, but put a question to yourself whether you have skills at formatting your blog better than all the others in the same niche.
  • Step 2: Choose Preferred Blogging Platform

    There is broad range of platforms you can use to start your blog or website. You may be fascinated to go with a free option, however know you will be provided with limited resources. Opting for a premium or paid service is not much expensive. It's an easy decision as per my knowledge.

    Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

    There are many blogging platforms available but WordPress is, by far, the most popular platform (source). I am using wordpress for my 2 other blog and for this website I am using Joomla.

    I am using WordPress as well and Joomla and appreciate their flexibility, functionality, performance, ease of use and broaden community of users who share lo of tools and ideas. Wordpress is an excellent choice for blogs and do not worry, if you are planning a website without having a blog, WordPress makes it very easy. Joomla is best option if you want to have a website.

    Pay attention! Within WordPress, there are 2 different options available. Most of the people are typically confused by the 2 thus I will mention them here:

  • WordPress.com based blogs are generally referred to as Hosted WordPress web blogs.
  • WordPress.org based blogs are usually referred to as Self-hosted WordPress blogs.
  • My preferred choice is self-hosted WordPress blog and it will cost you little bit of money, but it will give you complete access and flexibility over your blog.

    Now I a going to talk about the steps you need to follow to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

    Step 3: Find a Web Host

    A web host is a service provider or company which provide you with server space on their server to make it accessible on the web. In simple words, without hosting no one can access your website and when a hosting provider provides you server space then only others or Internet users can access your site on the web. Check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies.

    Disclosure: Since I am a paying customer for around 5 years, few of the links you will find below are referral links, it means, you can save more by using referral links and I will earn a small amount as a referral bonus if you make a purchase using given links.

    If you think you are ready to get started with your own blog, Start it here by Visiting Bluehost's website. I have used their service for more than 5 years.

    Once you hit the above link you will landed on Bluehost’s official website

    Bluehost Web Hosting

    Now all you have to do is choose the plan as per your budget and needs. I would recommend you to go with the Advanced or Business plan because you get much features and resources. But if you are tight on budget then you can go with basic starter plan and in future as your website grow you can upgrade in any time.

    Bluehost Hosting Plans

    May be you see slight changes in the images you see here because Bluehost continue improving their website.

    Step 3: Choose a Website Domain Name

    A website domain name will be the name by which your website or business be recognized on the web. A domain is the unique address/name of your blog on the web. Your domain name will be yours as long as you keep paying the annual charges usually costs around $5-15 yearly. But there are few best domain name registrars offering domains for just Rs.99 for the first and next it will renew at regular rates. To buy a domain name I would suggest you to check Bigrock Rs.99 Domain offer.

    On this window you will either have to choose a brand new domain name for your blog or enter an already registered domain.

    Choose a domain  name at Bluehost

    The people who aware of your domain/website URL (uniform resource locator) can directly enter it into their web browser's address bar and if you submit your blogs in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing then others will be able to find your blog through search engines by typing keywords related to your keyword, service or business name.

    These are many extensions are available for your domain like .COM, .Net, .Edu, .Org etc. Most popular domain extension is .Com. There are many other country specific extension are available like .In, .US, .UK, you can choose one based on your needs and requirements. If you want to target whole world then it is recommended to go with a .Com extension and if you are planning to target specific location or country you can choose country specific domain extension.

    Few tips for selecting a Good domain name for your blog:

  • Your domain name should be easy to remember.
  • If possible always try to Go with a .com because it is highly popular extension worldwide.
  • Make it simple to pronounce and spell.
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers or other confusing words.
  • If you are not able to decide what to choose, your business, service, product or your name is a safest bet to start.
  • You can use domain name suggest tools to find domain name for your blog.
  • Step 5: Select a Wordpress Theme and Install it

    Once you buy web hosting you will be provided with control panel login details in your email, login into your cpanel with the the help of login details and install wordpress for your blog via clicking the Install WordPress icon available in your control panel. Also Check Best Web Hosting India.

    Bluehost Wordpress Installation

    Go ahead with the installation of WordPress

    Install WordPress using Mojo Marketplace

    On next page you will be able to see a screen that looks almost similar to, Click the Continue/start Installation button to start the process of WordPress installation.

    Select Domain to Install WordPress

    On this step, select the domain name you want to install WordPress on it. Suppose the domain you opted during signup process does not display, just hit “Domain” option and you can easily choose it from available list.

    Bluehost Domain Wordpress Installation

    Don’t enter anything in the directory field.

    Enter User Information for WordPress Account

    On this screen you have to enter your user info such as website Name or Title. Remember this is totally different than the name of your domain which ends in .In, .com, .Net or something similar. You will also have to enter Admin user name and password these details will be what you need to login to WordPress account once it is installed. Provide your preferred email id because all the information of your website will be sent through email. Read and check the terms and condition button.


    Now you should have got two different welcome emails. One from Bluehost with the login info of hosting account. Second from wordpress with login info for your WordPress account. Save these details carefully.

    Did you opted for new domain registration or entered existing domain name in Step 4?

    If you chosen to register a new domain name in Step 4

    Then anyone or any user on the web can access your wordpress website by typing your domain into browser.

    If you have entered an existing domain name in Step 4..

    Then your website will be not live on the web until you change the name servers of your domain. By changing your name servers you can point your web domain to the new web page.

    To change the old name server of your domain to new name servers you need to login to your domain control panel provided by your domain registrar, first of all make a note of your new Bluehost name server details:

  • ns1.BlueHost.com
  • ns2.BlueHost.com
  • Even if you registered a brand new domain name or transferred an already registered one, you will realize you have done it successfully if you are able to access or see your website by typing it into any browser.

    Step 6: Designing of Your Blog

    Well done! Now you are a pleased owner of a self-hosted WordPress based blog. After finishing with wordpress installation you need to start with the process of designing your blog as per your desire. You can easily change the design of your blog with the help of Themes. By default Twenty Sixteen theme will be installed on your blog—although it's a good theme to get started. Whenever you wish you can choose a theme that looks good and matches with your blog niche. Your potential viewers and readers will foremost observe the complete appearance and features of the web blog, before even checking the contents of it.

    Do you want to Make Money from Your Blog?

    Read my article about ways to Make Money from a Website or Blog.

    Also Read my article ahout Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today.

    Was this article helpful for you? If yes, would you like to share it with others who might find it helpful as well? Simply hit the social sharing buttons below as per your comfort. Thanks!

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