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Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2018 (Free and paid)

WordPress is one of the well-know and best CMS platform available on the web but still it is perfect. In case you are utilizing WordPress and have an easygoing approach with respect to security and protection, at that point you are strolling in a touchy situation. A web page created using WordPress CMS is much simpler, unexpectedly and effortlessly compromised by hackers. There are numerous of hackers knows about the faults of WordPress and don’t waste the chance to distort your web page. So in order to protect your website from hacker and other security related threats we are going to share the list top 10 best WordPress security plugins on this page.

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2018

Ultimate WordPress Security Tips to keep your Site Secure in 2018

When it comes to WordPress website security and safety, the proactive state is always better than reactive state. Preventing an issue or trouble before it happens will definitely save you precious time, hard-earned money, Headache and it is always better to fix the security related issue before it happened.

Keep Your WordPress Environment Up To Date

Be certain to follow some of the best, basic and easy practices related to security and protection of your WordPress, for example staying up with the latest plugins, themes, templates and other core updates. But it is advisable to take the backup of your website before updating anything so that in case anything goes wrong, you can easily revert your website to the earlier version from your backup.

So now question arises is how to make a WordPress based website more secure and protected? Generally in the World of web hosting especially WordPress, it always begins with choosing a reliable WordPress hosting service provider.

In case you are planning to buy web space on a server, without any doubt, you can easily get a shared server hosting solution between $5-$10 per month. In any case, if you wake and see your website hacked by hacker or see any kind of virus, do not hope for these web hosts to lift their hands to help you, their technical staff most likely have no time or their do not know how to assist you.

Have Strong Login Credentials

Having a strong login credentials is one of the simple thing ad easiest effort you can do from your side. It is always recommended to avoid admin as your username and avoid password like admin123. Always use a password like mixture of letters, numbers, Symbols, upper and lower characters and make it as tough as possible.

One of the major reason why newbies do not like to use strong and tough password is because strong passwords are very difficult to remember. One of the best thing is that you do not have to remember your account no longer. Password manager is the best option that you can use to manage your password.

WordPress Hosting and It’s Role

WordPress web hosting service plays the crucial role to provide security and protection to your WordPress website. Top web hosting companies such as Bluehost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround take the additional precautions to ensure their web servers against regular risk and hazards created by hackers or identity stealers.

WordPress hosting providers gives highly secure and powerful environment for WordPress based sites. WordPress specialized hosting providers offer regular automatic backups, powerful security measures, automatic updates of WordPress environment and many other essential aspects to secure your website.

For secure and powerful WordPress hosting we recommend Bluehost. They are well-known provider of WordPress hosting and No.1 recommended host for WordPress hosting by WordPress.org.

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services in 2018

Based on the significance of your website or blog and the size of your website, it is always worth giving your website security and protection some real consideration. Now we are going to share the list of 10 best WordPress security plugins and services so that you can choose the right and powerful security for your website.

Security related breaks and issues are not new for WordPress as these issues have been happening since the day one WordPress came into existence. Gratefully, WordPress is an open-source platform and due to this there are millions of powerful security plugins for WordPress that will keep your WordPress environment secure and safe.

Let’s now have a look at few of the top WordPress Security plugins available on the web!

Sucuri Security (Free)

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Sucuri is known as WordPress security specialists and their security related stuffs including free plugins are highly recommended and really worth downloading for your website use. It is one of the top WordPress Security Plugin. sucuri wordpress plugin- Best WordPress Security Plugins One of the biggest benefit of Sucuri plugin is that it automatically scans webpages for malwares, viruses and infected files. In case any security related issues happen, you can easily access Securi’s action monitoring log details to explore and find what may have occurred and in case you find your website compromised or hacked, you can easily restore it without any difficulty. These logs details are reserved safely and securely in the Cloud of Sucuri so that no hackers and identity stealer can not access or delete those files.

Wordfence WordPress Security

Top WordPress Security Plugins

I am assured that you must have heard about this plugin and have seen many other plugins and I am assure that Wordfence WordPress security plugin was on the top of those plugin lists. There are numerous reasons behind this:

Wordfence is a standout plugin amongst the most prominent, or one of the most popular and widely used security module for WordPress sites. With 2+ million active installations this plugin is continue growing and gaining more and more trust of WordPress CMS users globally.

One of the best feature of this plugin is live traffic. You can see traffic updates in real time as well as you can track hacking related attempts in real time. Wordfence is compatible with multiple devices including cell phone and mobile phone sign in.

It comes with many amazing features to block virus and malware attacks in real-time. In contains Two-factor Authentication for login security purpose. This features mainly used by government related agencies as well as militaries globally.

So in case you are looking for excellent WordPress security Plugin, than WordFence is the ideal security plugin for your needs.

Jetpack (Free and Paid from Rs.2000/year)

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

Jetpack is another well-known and widely used plugin in the WordPress community. In case you wish to use free version of Jetpack to enhance the performance and security of your website, you will have to set on the Protect module, which watches and protect your site opposed to brute force assaults.

Although the paid version of Jetpack contains all the crucial security related features. Premium version of Jetpack comes in three packages:

  • For just Rs. 2000/year, you can choose Jetpack personal package, which comes with daily automated backups, downtime monitoring, automated spam filtering and many more.
  • For just Rs.4200/year, you can choose Jetpack Premium package, which includes regular malware scanning, Automatic security fixes, Automated malware scanning and many other premium features.
  • By paying Rs. 9,600/year, you can opt to choose Premium Package of Jetpack, comes with Real-time automated backups, Unlimited archive, on-request malware scans and many other amazing features.
  • All-In-One WP Security & Firewall

    As the name itself suggests all-in-one WP security & Firewall. The All-in-One WP Security & Firewall is an exclusive security solution for WordPress based websites.

    This plugin takes WordPress security and protection to the new heights. The main role of this plugin is to block brute force attacks as well as many other amazing functionalities. This plugin helps WordPress site owners to put down most of the typical website related attacks.

    All-In-One WP (WordPress Security) Security plugin utilizes an unparalleled security points grading system to evaluate how perfectly you are safeguarding your site depend the security features you have turned on. This plugin works in such a way that it will not slow down your site.

    iThemes Security

    Top 10 best WordPress Security Plugins

    iThemes has been developing and supporting WordPress tools since 2008 and one of the well-known plugin of iThemes is BackupBuddy. With broad range of WordPress, plugins, modules and themes, Security of WordPress sites is the next move in giving you all that you need to create and protect the WordPress web.

    So in case you install iTheme security on your WordPress site, you are in protected because the plugin is maintained, managed and supported by iThemes itself.

    iThemes automatically bans users from getting to your site who have just assaulted different sites on the web. This is the best feature to protect your site against brute force attacks. This plugin will automatically and continuously reports IP addresses (Internet Protocols) of unsuccessful login tries and blocks them with the goal that your site is secured and safer.

    Top features of iThemes Include:

  • Entirely scan your website and immediately reports where the susceptibilities founds and fixes them in few seconds.
  • Bans troublesome user agents, bots as well as other hosts
  • Strengthens web server security and protection
  • Implement powerful passwords for each and every accounts of a configurable least role
  • Forces SSL for admin pages as well as any other pages and posts.
  • Recognize and blocks severals attacks to your filesystem as well as databases.
  • The pro version of iThemes plugin enables additional layer of safety to WordPress based websites. Two-Factor verification – enable you to use a mobile based app to give an example Google Authenticator to create a code or have a created code emailed to you on your email address. Few of the top features of Pro version includes:

  • Easy updation of your WordPress keys as well salt.
  • Automatic Scheduling of Malware scan.
  • Automatically Generate strong passwords right from your profile screen.
  • Google reCAPTCHA to protect site against spammers.
  • An easy to use Dashboard Widget to manage your WordPress security
  • wp-cli Integration –to Manage your WordPress site’s security from the command line interface.
  • Import/Export Settings to saves time organizing multiple WordPress based sites.
  • VaultPress (from $39/month)

    best wordpress security plugin 2018

    Another plugin in the list of best WordPress security plugin is VaultPress and it also belongs to automattic family. It is secure, powerful, trusted and easy to use, most probably one of the best backup solution for websites.

    In this world no website is fully secured. Does not matter how much attempt you put into your website to keep safe from harm and security related breaks can still occur, due to this reason it is always suggest you to backup your website. regrettably , only a few webmasters and website owners follow this suggestion and huge number of webmasters does not take it seriously, don’t put yourself in this list.

    The backup of your website is similar to the duplicate copy of your website. In case anything wrong happen to your website such as any security related issue like virus or malware damage your website, you simple restore your website from the backup.

    This is the situation where this amazing plugin comes into action.

    VaultPress helps you to create planned backups as well as real-time backups, based on the package you have selected ad all the backups created are kept safely and securely off-site. In case of any trouble or difficulty you can restore these backups instantly.

    SiteLock Web Security

    sitelock wordpress security plugin

    Another most popular WordPress security plugin is Sitelock that comes with DDoS protection, virus/malware scan and many other amazing features needed to protect a website online.. SiteLock is one of the fastest and speediest web page security scanning service available on the web that automatically scan, discover, fix, settle and avoid any kind of difficulties and dangers, giving website owners complete peace of mind they actually deserve.

    Sitelock scans and inspects the website on regular basis Including themes, Top WordPress plugins and all available files for possible vulnerabilities that can harm websites and create security related troubles. In case any malware or virus discovered on your website, this security plugin automatically fixes them and let you know about them. By checking the scanning report provided by SiteLock, as a website owner you can instantly take an action to protect your website.

    BulletProof Security for WordPress

    This is another well-known and most-trusted Security plugin for WordPress based websites, that enables WordPress users to scan websites for malware, virus, create firewall, database backup, Anti-Spam and many more.

    BulletProof security plugin comes with one-click Setup Wizard automatically tat make it very easy to use without doing any major configuration. Once the setup process done, this plugin automatically discover the threats and fix them instantly in real time. t is always recommended and suggest to scan web page for any previous or old infected file or document once you done with the setup process. This plugin comes with IP based Firewall, which enable you to secure and protect your plugins.

    In case you are low on budget, BulletProof security plugin might be the ideal option for you. Just for $69.95 one-time fee, you can get this security plugin for your website without any recurring charges monthly or yearly charges.

    AntiVirus (Free)

    AntiVirus for WordPress based websites is a much easier to use, secure plugin to strengthen your WordPress powered webpages against abuse, malware, virus, spam injections and other security related threats.

    This plugin is easy to configure and daily scan your website including themes, databases and other files. In case plugin discover any suspicious activities or actions, it will inform you by sending notification on configured email address. Suppose your website developed on WordPress platform gets hacked by hackers, Antivirus plugin will help you to know about the related issue and you can quickly take an action to resolve the related issue.

    VIP Scanner - WordPress Plugin

    The VIP Scanner does precisely what the name suggest. It scans different files available on your web page, containing WordPress site themes and other available plugins. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to discover all the security escape clauses in your WordPress site. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to find all the security related loopholes in your site using WordPress.

    This security plugin for WordPress websites is effective and smooth to use. It comes with an user-friendly interface at the same it enable you to safe your website from viruses, hackers and malwares.

    So Let me tell you Which is the Best WordPress Security Plugins

    After analysing and comparing the top WordPress security plugins available on the web, We have discovered that Sucuri (complete website security) is one of the best security solution for WordPress based websites. This plugin comes with all the essential features you need for your websites in order to secure it, containing complete website scanning, DNS based firewall, DDoS protection, CDN solution etc.

    Definition of SSL Certificates

    SSL certificate is one of the crucial element for every website and it is considered as the backbone of our secure and safer Internet and SSL also safeguards our sensitive information as it travels across various computer networks globally. SSL certificate is must in order to protect a website, even there is no sensitive or mission critical data on your website such as credit card details, login credentials etc. It offers privacy, crucial security, stability as well as data integrity for both including your website as well as your website users and visitors details.

    In case you sell products and services on the web from your website and accept payment using credit cards, you need to have an SSL certificate for your website protection. Also in case you do not deal in selling of products and services online but wish to add more credibility and trustworthiness to your online website a site seal or SSL security seal is enough for your website.

    Also Read Best Web Hosting Providers with Free SSL Certificates.

    Features of SSL Certificates

    Features of SSL Certificate

    An SSL certificate comes with several features such as Completion Isolation, Protection/Safety, Integrity, Server Authentication, PCI Compliance, Solid Data encryption, Security From Cyber crime, Create Trust and Increase Brand Value and many more.

  • Complete Isolation: Assured via encryption, the way toward masking information as well as data so that it can not be deciphered by anybody however the proposed recipient.
  • Protection/Safety: SSL certificate creates a secure and safer connection between the clients machine and the web server on which the website is hosted. This connection requires no participation by the machine administrator.
  • Integrity: It is Guaranteed via encryption.
  • Server Authentication: SSL gives authentication to the web server to make certain that the customer is conversing with the right PC or computer system. Server authentication provided via digital authenticity certificates and these certificates and more hard to misrepresent.
  • PCI Compliance: PCI compliance is one of the top feature of SSL certificate. So if you are planning to accept payment through credit cards and going to store these details on your website, you have to pass specific audits that you are conforming to the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.
  • Solid Data encryption: The encryption of the information is done with the goal that the private information and sensitive data has been disabled for the trespasser, neglecting to which can make the undesirable, unnecessary occasions happen.
  • Provides Excellent Security From Cyber Crime: Cyber criminals and violator are adequately quick to recognize any means of evasion in your system and catch important & confidential information before it reaches its final target. By having an SSL certificate installed on your website you can defend these kind of unwanted actions on your website.
  • Create Trust and Increase Brand Value: Lock Pad and green bar are signs of Web security. It gives affirmation to the users and visitors of your website that your website is secure and protected to use and they can provide personal and confidential details without any hesitation. This will without a doubt boost the credibility of your brand and increase the brand value.
  • All things considered, SSL certificate is a crucial convention for making a protected, secure and safer web. What's more, now that you know about SSL and the features of SSL certificate, on the off chance that you have not switched from HTTP to HTTPS, we urge you to consider installing a SSL certificate in order to protect your website as well as enhance visitors experience.

    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Selecting the ideal web hosting provider is a crucial decision. Without hosting a website it will not work. Without hosting service there will be no home to put all the essential files, data and information need to make a website live.

    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?

    At the time of choosing a web host, you will have couple of alternative available. Few of the well-known and mostly used are Shared server Hosting Plans, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting.
    Here in this article we are going to compare VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, in order to make your selection easier and effortless.

    Which Type of Hosting Solution is Right for You?

    Web Hosting can be categorized into common type including Virtual Private server, Dedicated server, Cloud hosting and Shared server hosting. Shared web hosting is one of the lowest cost as well lowest level of hosting solution available in terms of server performance, reliability and security, which abandons those web page owners and webmasters with serious hosting related requirements to look over other options available such as Cloud hosting, Dedicated server and VPS hosting. On the web there are a wide range of alternatives accessible to website owners looking for VPS and dedicated server hosting environment, which makes a to some degree out of focus between the two most common and well-known type of website hosting arrangements.

    What is VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server?

    In VPS or VIrtual Private server environment the resources of a web server will be divided between several web pages as a separate hosting account. Consider it just as a home based computer system that is operated by wide range of users, and each and every user use it in a various styles.

    VPS server are available at cost-effective rates. However the charges of VPS usually ranges from $5 per month to $80 per month. Generally VPS hosting is available is 1 or 2 situations you can look over, so this kind of hosting solution do not have the supreme customization of dedicated server hosting. But in case you have basic website website then this is the best setup for your website.

    This type hosting environment is best for the websites that do not get huge amount of traffic and are simple. Altogether, VPS is considered as ideal solution for the site owner looking for root access with a server but do not wish to spend money on a dedicated server.

    If you are looking for more control over your server, then VPS will be the best suitable option for you or if you are looking for more powerful, advanced, huge customization alternatives, in that case you should consider dedicated server hosting.

    Click here to find Best VPS hosting provider and plans for your website.

    What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

    A dedicated server is a hosting arrangement in which an entire server is dedicated to single person, business or organization’s use. You will have sole right to all the available resources of the server and you configure the server based on your needs and website requirements.

    In case you are getting around 20000 to 30000 daily visitors then dedicated server hosts are worthwhile for you. But you need highly qualified and expert technical team to manage and administer your server. When it comes to hosting services, there is nothing good or bad. Rather, it totally relies on what is the most suitable option for your web page.

    Each and every website is different with differ requirements. So before choosing a type of hosting service and provider make sure to understand your exact requirement. Dedicated servers are one of the most costlier option available so it is always recommended to start with a Virtual private server until the point when your organization/business is creating enough income to bear the cost of dedicated server hosting solution.

    Click here to find Best Dedicated hosting provider and plans for your website.

    VPS Vs. Dedicated Server Host - Which one Should You Choose?

    VPS or Virtual private server hosting considered as one of the cost-effective hosting solution as compare to dedicated server hosting solution, considering you will be not be provided with your own server and due to this reasons, you will have access to less resources and customization options related to your server. At the time making a choice between these 2 well-known types of hosting options, first and foremost you will have to consider the type of website you are going to run together with scalability.

    Another crucial elements in deciding whether you need to go for a Dedicated server or VPS server hosting is what kind of resources your website or web application will need. Do you wish to host huge amount of data and bigger files that will need huge amount of web space and data transfer? Is the site or application you are planning to host need large amount of CPU power (Central processing unit power) to run scripts, programs and other applications? Are you expecting huge amount of visitors and traffic to your website?

    If your answer to the above question is yes, you should consider going with Dedicated server hosting. In this kind of hosting arrangement, you set up your server based on your specific need and assign the resources based on the situation. Additionally you will not need to bother about the slow speed of your website due to other websites.

    It is much crucial to think about in case your answer is yes to the question given above. In case you own a web page that need considerable amount of resources not long from now, you may think that it's best to begin with the kind of Internet hosting you will require instead of trying to move your web page from a VPS server host to a dedicated web server. Virtual Private Server Hosting will frequently enable you to scale up instantly, although there is a restriction to the available resources accessible to you with this type of website hosting solution.

    In any case, you have a site that will not need a huge amount of server related resources and processing power, VPS Hosting will be a best option to consider. There is a broad variety of hosting alternatives that can enables you to the choose the resource in a considerable amount with VPS hosting.

    Final Thought

    To give a summary of this article, in case you are serious about your web page as well as online business then it is highly recommended to consider going with VPS or Dedicated web server hosting instead of shared server hosting. The charges for Virtual private server is not restricted and there are several advantages to grab from this kind of hosting solution for your website. At the time of selecting a web host for your web page ensure that you also contained excellent security great uptime guarantee in your host selection norm.

    How to Decide?

    Finding the right and best suitable hosting solution is a biggest challenge, But you should keep in mind, you usually get what you actually pay for. Unhappily, sometimes website owners and people looking for hosting get less than they actually pay, so it is recommended to be careful while searching for hosting service and make sure you are getting quality and reliable solution based on your needs and budget. Compatibility is another crucial factor to consider, therefore going with a top web host with well-established names is always an excellent idea if you are serious about your website and business needs.

    Since we are in the Hosting industry since 2011, we have reviewed and compared more than 500+ hosting companies for various categories including VPS hosting and Dedicated server. Our most favorite and recommended web hosting provider for VPS hosting is A2 Hosting with 99.99% uptime guarantee and anytime money back.

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    What is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?
    Top 7 Major Differences Between a Cloud Server and Dedicated Server


    What is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

    There are numerous people talking about Cloud hosting/servers or hosting cloud computing. Numerous of webmasters and companies are utilizing these terms freely to talk about whether Cloud Servers or VPS servers. So what do you mean by these two terms? After going deep into these two terms you will surely discover huge difference based on the pricing and features, which will help you to determine the best suitable option for your business needs.

    What is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

    Virtual Private Server - VPS Hosting

    Definition of VPS Servers: In the arrangement of VPS, one physical web server, splitted into various smaller pieces of server so that each piece of server behave as its own separate server environment. In simple words a VPS is a partitioned piece of huge physical server that comes with its own Operating system (OS), CPU Power, RAM, bandwidth, web space etc.

    In this type of hosting arrangement a physical servers are partitioned into various shared servers, Dedicated servers or reseller hosting. A VPS server can be used as a dedicated web server and can easily customized based on the needs of your website. A Virtual private server reacts like a dedicated web server solution without the changes of owning an actual dedicated server. Besides, these servers can be modified based on your needs and website requirements.

    Learn more about VPS hosting here

    Benefits of VPS Hosting:

    VPS server hosting comes with numerous of benefits, some of the top benefits are listed below:

  • Cost-effective option as compare to Cloud servers.
  • A VPS server can be easily rebooted without have an effect on other VPS’s on the same physical server.
  • VPS server comes with complete control and access, you can easily install any software applications based on your needs.
  • In this hosting platform there is no chance of data and resources sharing among other VPS users on the same physical server.
  • Hosting a website on VPS is one efficient solution available on the web. Dissimilar to a shared server, the Virtual Private servers are not reliant on traffic, visitors and viewers. You will be provided with your own resources including RAM, memory, Bandwidth etc.
  • VPS is one of the secure and safer hosting option available. All the information and data your website contains are confidential and no one will be having access to them.
  • Drawbacks of VPS Hosting/Servers:

  • VPS is less reliable hosting option. In case physical server stops, each of the virtual private servers on the physical server stop.
  • There is a sharing of computing resources including bandwidth/Data transfer, CPU power, RAM etc. therefore it can be negatively affect you website in case any other VPS on the physical server is consuming more resources due to higher load.
  • Lack of security features. In case any site owner on the same physical server does not take safety seriously and get affected by malware or virus then it could be affect your VPS negatively.
  • VPS’s are not scalable because once you encounter your allotted resources, you need to purchase additional resources or need to upgrade your package. This is a time consuming process and you will have to face downtime for few hours or in some situations many be for few days.
  • Cloud Servers/Cloud Hosting

    Definition of Cloud Servers: Cloud servers offered by numerous top leading hosting companies and Cloud servers use several server associated to each in a cluster which is supported by SAN (storage area network) based storage. By using a Cloud server you can get the benefits of multiple server server with unlimited resources.

    Learn more about Cloud hosting here

    What Does Cloud Hosting Mean?

    Cloud hosting one of top-notch web hosting solution available on the web these days. This hosting platform has already gained huge popularity and acceptance from the webmasters and business owners in a very short duration.

    Websites and web application hosted on the Cloud platform can be accessed from any location, anytime and from any system with the internet access. The reason behind is that the server resources for each and every hosted on cloud servers are cloned on each cloud server in the cluster. For instance, in case any cloud server has topmost traffic on it, at that point it certainly directs the request for the particular website or web application to another Cloud server in the same group.

    Various Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud servers are more scalable, you can add additional CPU power within few seconds of time.
  • You will be provided with the choice to include custom firewalls, application, load balancing, OS based on your needs.
  • Websites hosted on Cloud servers are highly available. It means if any server stops functioning, the required resources and computing power will be taken from another server without affecting the performance of the websites.
  • A cloud server comes with burstable Computing Resources, so that you don’t have to worry about the lag of resources including RAM, Memory, bandwidth and CPU power, in case any website’s traffic or load increases.
  • Each and every website owner will have the choice to choose the operating system based on their ease.
  • Highly secured option because you will be virtually provided with your own web server. There will be no effect on your cloud server if any other website gets hacked or infected by virus/malware, your cloud web server will be thoroughly segregated without any hazard to your website data and information.
  • Cloud server comes with unlimited amount of storage space because of SAN storage.
  • Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting/Servers:

  • Cloud servers are little costlier as compare to VPS servers.
  • You may have to face server downtime related issue if you choose resellers, because with resellers setup process may take extra time.
  • Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting - Which is Better?

    Compare to Cloud Servers, VPS servers are less effective because they comes with allocated amount of server resources to each website. therefore , in case the requirement grows, the server will not be capable of controlling the extra requirements of your website. Due to this it will surely crash. You will also have to face the same situation in case server stop working.

    Cloud server hosting, at the same time can handles the increase in a different way. As we said earlier in Cloud based server solution, the websites and applications will be hosted on a cluster of servers connected to each other. In this kind of server arrangements, in case any server is going to reach its highest level, then another server from same cluster come into action and start taking the load or charge. As well as in any server fails or stop working, your website will still be functioning without any trouble because the other server will start serving your website and incoming traffic.

    If you are looking for best, reliable, powerful and secure hosting option, then cloud server hosting is the perfect solution for you. Due to huge growth in the cloud industry and increasing demand of cloud services, there is a huge price cuts by most of the top cloud server hosting providers. Due to this Cloud server hosting is getting cost-effective too for small business and website owners.

    As a conclusion we can say that VPS servers are designed for the people who just focused on hosting a website or application. However it is a powerful hosting solution but it does not guarantee all time availability of your website and in the situation of high traffic load, you will have to face downtime.

    Why Cloud Hosting is Considered as one of the Best Web Hosting Solution?

    Cloud server hosting is one of the more stable and reliable option available because there will be not any performance related issue in case any of the server goes down or face any other issue as it is distributed.

    In the environment of cloud based servers, there will be an alternative to add extra resources including RAM, Memory, Web space, bandwidth, CPU power etc. if needed in a just few clicks of mouse and removed when you not anymore required without any monetary loss. Therefore, Cloud server hosting solution works on pay-per-use model, means you can demands for the resources and customize them based on your needs, due to this here is no huge investment needed to obtain a cloud server.

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    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?
    Top 7 Major Differences Between a Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

    Top 7 Major Differences Between a Cloud Server and Dedicated Server - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Top 7 Major Differences Between a Cloud Server and Dedicated Server

    These days there is a huge growth in the number of businesses and organizations are getting on the web due to this there are several solutions and services are presently being offered by website hosting industry to these businesses and organizations with the aim of helping them to host their files, data and information on the powerful and reliable server based on their needs and requirements. In case you are fastest growing startup business, many there are 2 important hosting choices available on the web for you- Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

    In the environment of Cloud Server you actually do not have to purchase, maintain and manage any kind of hardware because every task related to this taken care by the hosting service provider you have selected to host your website, though as a user or customer you rent or lease the server, application, software and other required resources from the service provider of hosting in the environment of Dedicated server.

    Cloud Servers vs Dedicated Servers

    Differences Between a Cloud Server and Dedicated Server, Cloud Server Vs. Dedicated Server

    In order to choose the best suitable solution for your business needs, it is much crucial for you to understand the major differences between Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting:

    Cloud Serverare one of the cost-effective hosting option available and does not actually need any advance investment on buying and maintaining of any infrastructure. A cloud hosting server can be perfectly configured to give your online business and brand the similar attributes and qualities of a Dedicated hosting service in an environment of shared server. One of the most crucial feature of Cloud web server is that it is more reliable and powerful because it runs on several servers connected to each others and in case any server or it’s element fails or stops working, services keep running from the other servers. Cloud hosting is versatile on request. Cloud servers are accessible by means of web and enables you to get to the information from any place. You will have to pay only for the resources you utilize.

    A Dedicated Server hosting service is a physical web server and you will be provided with an exclusive server entirely dedicated to your website or organization. You rent or lease an entire server from a web host and use it to host your website. Dedicated server hosting is mostly used by big size businesses and large enterprises that need outstanding security, want to host mission-critical data or businesses that have huge amount of traffic to their websites. Dedicated servers are highly secured and perform much better. You will have complete control on the server as well as you will be having the access professional team of experts available 24/7 to give you assistance and monitor your servers for any kind of mishaps.

    Why Use Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers?

    There are numerous reasons to use Cloud Server and Dedicated server. Some of the top reasons are given below:

    Safety and security of Your Data

    In Cloud servers environment you will be provided with top class security because all the popular web host takes enough measures for security and protection of your data. Each and every Cloud host make certain data security via committed support available round the clock, highly secure and encrypted platforms, consistent monitoring of server by experts, firewalls, powerful backup solutions and many more. Whereas in dedicated servers, all the security and safety related measures need to be taken care by you including server upgradation, backing up your data as well as securing your sensitive data and information of your business.


    Pay-per-use based cost of one of the most important element of Cloud web server hosting solution. Most of the Cloud hosts charge based on the usage of the resources including CPU power, RAM, Bandwidth, web space etc. In the environment of Cloud Servers you will have to pay little more to acquire the required resources such as data transfer, databases, web space etc. Whereas in dedicated servers these resources are available at comparatively low rates.

    Checkout the list of Best Cloud hosting providers here https://www.updatedreviews.in/compare/cloud-hosting

    Speed of Deployment

    By opting for Cloud server hosting solution you can put resources on the web within few minutes whereas in Dedicated servers in takes considerably longer time for deployment.

    Server Monitoring and Technical Support

    Cloud servers comes with 24/7 constant monitoring and professional support for setting up a Cloud server and monitor it, whereas setting up a dedicated server and monitor it is much costlier and getting specific technical support from professionals can be much costlier for dedicated servers.

    Amount of Control

    In the environment of Cloud server hosting you will not have complete control over server and the resources offered by selected Cloud host. Although, in dedicated server platform you will be provided with full control over the server and its resources. In this type of server arrangements you can easily install and remove applications, software, programs in order to enhance the performance of your server based on your needs.

    Access and Availability of Tools

    In cloud based platform most of the APIs and tools are easily available for instant scaling, administration as well as provisioning of server. Whereas in dedicated server platform you need to depend on your server provider for the tools and resources.

    Scalability of Computing Resources

    In the Cloud server environment computing and server related resources can be scale instantly. You can assign extra resources whenever you want or unassign the extra resources whenever you wish based on your needs. Whereas when it comes to dedicated server there scaling of resources is quite difficult as well as time taking process.

    Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server - Which is the Best Option for you?

    The charges of Cloud Servers and Dedicated servers is going to totally relies upon the hosting service provider you will choose. Commonly dedicated servers are more costlier and you will have to pay advance monthly or yearly charges to get the server.

    Cloud servers follow the rule of pay per use, means you will have to pay only for the resources you actually use and you don’t have to pay for the unused resources.

    Before you go deeply into the selection of a web hosting solution provider, don’t forget to understand your needs and requirements of your website. Make a list of the questions and queries arises in your mind and ask web host provider before signing up.

    How Can UpdatedReviews Help You?

    Selection of the right and suitable hosting solution is fully depends on your website motive as well as your specific requirements. UpdatedReviws is here to make sure that choose the best suitable hosting service based on your needs and business goal. To get detailed information about Cloud, Dedicated, VPS Server hosting options, feel free to visit the respective pages or join our interactive live chat support. You can contact us through social media channels, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. to get latest updates about web hosting server and other technology related stuffs.

    Also Read 6 Major Differences Between Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting (2018 Guide)
    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?
    What is The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Top 5 Most Crucial Features of Shared Hosting Explained - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Top 5 Most Crucial Features of Shared Hosting Explained

    Shared server hosting is one of the well-known and popular web hosting option available on the offered by numerous of web hosting companies around the globe. The utter size of the immense market of shared web hosting platforms frequently makes issues to the clients because the vast majority buying shared hosting services are new to web/Internet based technologies, and many of them generally don’t actually know what to look and search for during the time of selecting a best and reliable web hosting solution. Top 5 Most Crucial Features of Shared Hosting Explained

    How to Select Perfect Web Hosting Package?

    Website hosting service is a mixtures of many things including functions and hardware attributes, therefore, you have to comprehend few important technical aspects with the objective to select perfect package and hosting solution for your website. The selection of web hosting package is not as complicated as it seems to be, you simple need to remember that the plenitude of unlimited or unmetered attributes offered and provided by a specific website hosting service providers does not really imply that their shared web server hosting package is precisely what you require for your website. It is highly recommended that you should consult a professional web master who can clarify what features and attributes you will require your any kind of online project or website. In case you do not have that choice or alternative, go through this detailed article in order to comprehend few most important key features and aspects of Shared web hosting plans as well as how to select a perfect hosting solution.

    Important Features of Shared Web Hosting Explained

    Following are the top 5 most important and crucial features of Shared hosting plans:

    Customer Support Offered By Hosting Company

    Customer support is one of the most important and crucial factor of web hosting service. In case you are new in the field of hosting, customer support will be everything for you. Due to this reason we suggest you to go through various web hosting reviews to get the detailed information about the customer support offered by website hosting providers. As well go through the various hosting discussion forum and social media platforms to get create insight about the service web hosts offer. So why is customer support plays a crucial role? At the time of taking first move to web hosting administration, at the initial stage you will surely have numerous of queries and few of them will need instant responses, due to this reason, the availability and functioning speed of customer support is offered by hosting providers is much important.

    Amount of Disk Space & Bandwidth/Transfer

    Before going deep into this, we should begin with the basics of hosting. When you plan to host your web page on the Internet, you need good amount of Web/disk space that will be utilized to store various things related to your website including codes, files, data, media files, databases and many more. Due to these specific reasons you need to have some amount of web storage space on a server. Consequently the smaller is your website, less web space you needed as well as less importance of this attribute is for your website. Since you have stored your files and put together on your website or blog, now at this point of time you need users and viewers to approach that information and data you stored on the server. This is the situation where bandwidth/data transfer comes in the action. Just assume an underpass, the broader the underpass is, the extra information and data can go via it. In reality Bandwidth also known as data transfer works in a similar way. There are numerous of hosting providers offer unlimited amount of data transfer but when it comes to the traffic speed they restrict it which can affect the performance of your web page as well as your business. So it is highly recommended to take closer look to the amount of bandwidth and data transfer while looking for reliable shared server option for your website. Furthermore the larger your web page will be in size, the extra web space you will be in need of.

    Uptime Guarantee and Assurance

    In the hosting industry, uptime is refers to the duration when a website is up and running properly and when your online users and viewers can obtain your website without any troubles or issues. Uptime is generally in calculated in percentage from the overall assumed uptime, 24/7/365. Obviously, it relies if your web page must be on the web and accessible all the time. Usually in any case you buy shared web hosting for your online project, your online project is not that huge, therefore you do not actually require 100% uptime assurance. In this situation around 98-99% uptime is okay for your project. While looking for a web hosting package for your website, don’t give huge attention to what hosts saya regards to their uptime assurance, they usually say they utilize best web and powerful server for their own web page, at the same time you may provided with poor one. In case you wish to discover the real percentage of uptime, it is recommended to go through few individualistic online projects to calculate this value on the behalf of you, also you can look at few top hosting discussion forums, communities as well as approach your friends and known for information. Additionally you need to concentrates on several security, protection related attributes contained in the hosting plan, in order to ensure the security of your server and website. Know that there are many website hosting companies don’t contain costly security alternatives into low cost shared server packages. So make sure you are getting regular backup, RAID, modern grade network infrastructure, 24/7 server monitoring, SSL option and many more in your hosting package.

    Availability of Add-ons and Free Bonuses

    This is one of the delightful thing about shared server plans. As the shared hosting industry is broad, numerous of service providers put their huge efforts to attract more customers by giving add-ons and free bonuses. Several hosts offer Free SSL, Domain Name, Security features, Website Building Tools, Backups as hosting add-ons and some offer Marketing credits for Google, Bing, search engine marketing/advertising. Obviously this is considerable and useful for new website owners therefore the extra add-ons and bonuses you provided with, the more superior the deal. At the time of choosing host for your web project is most crucial to give close attention to renewal charges because there are some companies gives you free domain for 1 year and from next year onwards you will have to pay yearly charges for domain usage. As usual look at the closer look at the agreement thoroughly in case service provider provides you free add-ons and features. Selecting a shared host for your website is crucial task. First and foremost thing you have to do is spend some time taking into your account the needs for your web page and web project, so you understand what attributes are essential and what attributes are not necessary for your website. Always keep pricing and service reliability your first priority. The web host you are going to choose must have excellent reliability and price balance. You can find additional information about these companies by going through reviews, comparison, community discussion forums.

    Pre-Installed Software & Applications

    There are numerous of web host providers offer numerous of extra features with shared packages that it's turns into a huge trouble. The hosting companies offer many attributes such as unmetered choice, pre-installed software/applications, additional tools to make your hosting account easier to manage and many more. It is always recommended to pay close attention to the Pre-installed software and application, these pre-installed attribute contains the widgets and tools that help you to build your website creation and management related task much easier and effective. One of the most essential application is an easy to use control panel. If a web host provide shared plan to you with free control panel tool, you can feel more comfortable because cPanel make is much easier to control website and server related tasks with an easy to use interface. In the hosting industry, cPanel is one of the well-known control panel tool but there are some hosts, offer you with an alternative such as Zpanel or any other customized panel. Most of the control panel tool contains numerous of pre-installed applications, which make it much effortless for website owners to switch crucial functions available with just a single click of mouse. There are some more amazing features like 1-click or automatic install or popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. so that you can make your website live quickly.

    Our team of experts have reviewed the best Shared Web Hosting Providers - Click here ->> to read more.

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    Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers with Free SSL Certificates - 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers with Free SSL Certificates

    There are numerous of hosting companies to choose from to host your website. So when it comes to choose the best option for you, you should select a web hosting provider that will provide you with Free SSL certificate or security certificate.

    Generally an SSL certificate costs around $15 to $100 per year for each domain name but there are very few hosts giving SSL for free of cost when you buy web hosting service from them. Fortunately, we have found top 5 best web hosting companies offering free SSL certificates with their web hosting packages to secure your websites.

    Best 5 Web hosts With Free SSL Certificates

    Web Hosting with Free SSL certificates

    From July 2018 Google one of the top search engine starts giving boost in the ranking to HTTPS/SSL enabled websites, means if you have an SSL installed on your website, it will help you to get good rank in Google SERP, due to this reason every website owner search for SSL certificate for their websites. However, not every website owner Endure the cost of SSL Certificates as well as the cost of a dedicated IP required to install SSL certificate to any domain name.

    In this post, We are going to share the detailed information about web hosting with Free SSL Certificates so that you can install SSL for free of cost on your websites & Domains.. Now I am going to share the list of top 5 best web hosting companies giving free SSL certificates with their web hosting packages to their clients.

    Top 5 Recommended Best Web Hosting with Free SSL Certificate

    A2 Hosting

    One of the my most favorite and fastest web hosting company with a lot of features and benefits. A2 Hosting is ranked on top as one of the fastest and reliable web hosting companies around the world. They offer upto 20X faster web hosting services to the website owners. If you are searching for s fastest web hosting service with free SSL certificates then A2 Hosting is the best and ideal option for you to choose. They offer Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for free of cost with all the web hosting packages including Shared, VPS, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. A2 Hosting has got many awards and honors from world leading hosting reviews websites due to their World-class customer support and service. Read A2 Hosting Reviews here.

    Key Features of A2 Hosting:

  • Cost-effective hosting packages starting from $3.92/month.
  • Free SSL certificate with all web hosting packages
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Upto 20x Fast turbo servers
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee with ultra-reliable servers offered by A2hosting
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew support via Call, Live Chat or Email
  • A2 Hosting can migrate your Account from any other provider for free of cost.
  • Free SSD Storage with all hosting packages

  • Visit A2hosting


    Bluehost is one of the well-know and one of the top 10 web hosting company in the World. They offer excellent hosting service with best in class features and 24/7 expert support. If you are looking for best web hosting service with free SSL certificate then Bluehost is the best choice for you. They offer free SSL certificate with their all Hosting plans. Bluehost shared Hosting plan is less expensive than any other hosting package offered by them. Read Bluehost Reviews here.

    Key features of Bluehost:

  • Free SSL Certificate with Bluehost shared Web Hosting plan.
  • Dedicated IP for free of cost with Pro hosting plan.
  • Free Domain name registration with all web hosting packages.
  • Bluehost’s Pro Web hosting package costs $2.95/month.
  • Domain Privacy is for free of cost.
  • Automatically create daily, weekly, and monthly backups
  • 24/7 expert support via live chat, email and phone.
  • Create and manage unlimited email accounts with this hosting package

  • Visit Bluehost

    InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting is another best option to get SSL certificate with web hosting plans. They offer free SSL certificate with Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server packages. Their hosting network is built on ultra fast & reliable Linux/Unix based operating systems and monitored 24*7 for any kind of unexpected issues. Read inMotion Hosting Reviews here.

    Key InMotion Features Hosting:

  • Free SSD Drives for Fast Web Hosting
  • Free Domain Name Registration with Hosting packages
  • Buy Web Hosting and Get FREE SSL Certificate
  • FREE One-click App Installer
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email accounts
  • FREE cPanel control panel for easy account management
  • FREE Data Backups

  • Visit InMotion Hosting


    FastComet is one of the fastest growing top website hosting company giving everything you need to start your online venture/business. FastComet is very popular because of its cost-effective hosting plans. They offer 24/7/365 days customer support via email, phone, ticket and live chat system. If you are looking for Web Hosting with SSL certificate for your website then FastComet is highly recommended to you. You can get Free SSL certificate with shared hosting packages from FastComet. Read Fastcomet Reviews here.

    Key Features of Fastcomet Web Hosting with Free SSL :

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL when you buy web hosting from them
  • FastComet Shared hosting starts at as low as $2.95/month
  • No additional charges during renewal.
  • Free domain registration for life, means as long as you keep renewing your hosting account.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • SSD-Only Cloud for upto 300 faster speed
  • cPanel Powered Web Hosting with Free SSL
  • Free daily/weekly backups of your website data to keep you secure
  • 45 Days Money - Back Guarantee
  • Free 24/7 Priority Support with hosting packages
  • 1-click Installation of all the popular application such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal.
  • Free of cost Website transfer and domain.

  • Visit Fastcomet


    SiteGround is another best ad recommended web host if you are looking for Free SSL certificate with hosting packages. One of the best thing about SiteGround is that they are recommended by WordPress.org for WordPress web hosting services.Read Siteground Reviews here.

    Key Features SiteGround of SiteGround hosting with Free SSL:

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate with each hosting plan
  • SSD drives for all hosting plans
  • Enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 & free CloudFlare CDN
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Free Setup & Transfer
  • Free cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free Auto Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Email Accounts & DBs

  • Visit SiteGround


    If you are looking for more cost-effective web hosting option with free SSL certificate then GreenGeeks is the right choice for you, recently they started giving free SSL certificate with their hosting packages. For individuals and small business website owners searching for a fully loaded website hosting plan at affordable rates, GreenGeeks provides you with everything you require for your website or to get your business online.Read Greengeeks Reviews here.

    Highlights of GreenGeeks web hosting:

  • FREE Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL with Website hosting plans
  • Unlimited SSD Web Space & Data Transfer
  • SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
  • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy powered hosting
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • 24/7/365 Expert Tech Support
  • FREE Website Builder & Templates
  • 99.99% Service Uptime
  • FREE Website Transfer Service
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Visit GreenGeeks

    Bigrock Summer Sale - Get Flat 50% Off On Web Hosting - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Bigrock Summer Sale - Get Flat 50% Off On Web Hosting

    BigRock is now running a limited time two-day summer sale, which can help to grab flat 50% discount on all hosting service offered by Bigrock.

    This exclusive offer is valid for 2 days (May 10th & May 11th). Use the coupon code below when you buy Shared, Cloud, Reseller Hosting, KVM VPS and dedicated server at Bigrock save more money.

    Bigrock Summer Sale

    Bigrock Summer Sale, Promo Details:

  • Flat 50% offer on all tenures on hosting packages including Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Reseller Hosting & KVM VPS server.
  • Flat 50% offer valid only on the 1st month on Dedicated Server packages.
  • Coupon code: HSS18AFF
  • Hit button below to visit Bigrock

    Save 50% on All Hosting Plans

    Offer valid for a limited time only, so Act fast to save more money on Bigrock web hosting packages.

    Top Dedicated Features of Dedicated Server Hosting Service

    Before determining which web hosting or server option is appropriate for your website, it is crucial to check out each and every type of web hosting features and detect the impact of the hosting service on your business. In this article we are going to discuss about dedicated server hosting solution. For the website owners that are well-founded with web server, hosting technology related stuffs, the features and available benefits of dedicated server hosting service often override the drawbacks of a cheaper rate hosting plan. For the users that are not much comfortable with how a web server properly functions, a dedicated server based hosting environment is really a really decent choice available on the web for users who own a website with mission-critical data, resources intensive web page with huge amount of traffic and visitors. By opting for a best and reliable dedicated server hosting option, your online business or enterprise can count on saving considerable amount of extremely useful man-hours which can be easily channelized to achieve more profitable functions and other business improvement related tasks.

    Top Dedicated Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

    There are numerous of features and benefits a Dedicated server hosting solution contains. Few of the top features of Dedicated server hosting service are listed below:

    Increased Reliability

    Utilizing dedicated web servers for your website off allows website owners complete and highly increased reliability. Opting Dedicated server from a reliable hosting service provider make certain that you do not have the server and its resources with any other website. Hence all the computing resources of a server dedicated to your website only.

    Increased Security

    This is one of the most advanced and attractive feature available in a dedicated server hosting service. In actual fact, nearly every websites with mission critical data add sensitive information are hosted on dedicated servers because dedicated servers are well-known for its unmatched security. Inn a dedicated server environment website owners are allowed to install any kind of security related software and applications for example firewalls, anti-malware programs. A dedicated server permits boundless permissions in order to install such kind of apps and software. As well it makes it much easier and effortless updates and security fixes for uninterrupted protection and put a stop to any unwanted access that can be dangerous for your website and important data it contains.

    Easy to Customize

    By opting for a dedicated server solution, website owners and webmasters are not restricted to the various applications and software, they are permitted to run customized application based on their needs. Top dedicated server hosting providers offer full root access so that you can install and run application based on your business needs.

    Increased flexibility

    The degree of flexibility comes with a dedicated server can’t be combined with any other types of web hosting services available on the web. There is not even any reason to support your server activities, functioning by installing particular applications that are essential in a a shared server hosting environment.

    Seeing that a dedicated server is not needed to divide computing resources with any other users of website owners that your websites or organization, you have boundless flexibility of utilizing all the computing resources for installing, deploying and running applications, operating systems and software based on your needs and choice. You are free to install any kind of operating system such as Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Windows etc.

    Numerous of big businesses and enterprises that choose dedicated server hosting solution enjoy superior web page performance in the absence of any latency or any other serious issues and troubles that may influence your users experience. The huge amount of resources and computing power provided to the website owners in a dedicated server environment can be assigned to the consistent performance and functioning of your website in the time of spike in traffic and visitors.

    Dedicated Resources

    As a complete server dedicated to your organization, all the resources of entire server are dedicated to your business, website or clients. This implies your web server will never be affected by some other sites or users and all the resources will be used by you for you and your clients websites only.

    Dedicated Technical Support

    In a dedicated hosting server , you will be provided with dedicated technical support on priority basis from a member assign by your host for your website. You will always get fast response from highly expert with proper resolution of your issues and trouble. Many top leading web host provide their customers with 24/7 professional support via various ways including live chat, email, phone, ticket system etc. to give proper assistance.

    In case you are getting huge amount of traffic to your website or having sensitive data and information on your website then dedicated server could be an ideal hosting solution for your website. By opting for a dedicated server, you will have complete peace of mind, complete control and administrator access to your website and server.

    In conclusion

    Dedicated server is known as most feature-rich and powerful hosting option for resources exhaustive website and online applications. No surprise that all the websites related to finance, education, backs, government and other sensitive categories are hosted on dedicated server hosting environment. Security, flexibility, reliability, easy customization, control are few of the considerable features of dedicated server hosting for businesses and organizations that are on the way to success of growth.

    ZNetLive Web Hosting Summer Sale 2018 - 50% OFFER

    ZNETLIGE Offers website hosting, domain name registration, SSL Certificates, VPS Hosting Dedicated Server, managed hosting services and many more. Get perfect hosting and domain name solution for your website effortlessly with Znetlive, India's most trusted and reliable Web hosting providers since 2001. If you are planning to grow your business with a secure website or looking for free domain name and SSL certificate with web hosting plans then Znetlive is the ideal option for you to choose. Checkout Znetlive's powerful hosting solution available at unbelievable rates.Read Znetlive Reviews

    ZNetLive Hosting Summer Bonanza Sale

    In this summer season Znetlive is giving flat 50% Off on selected web hosting services including Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting. ZNetLive Hosting Summer Bonanza Offer is valid for new customers only. This Offer is not valid on renewals. Offer valid for limited time only and ZNetLive reserves the right to modify prices and discounts at any point of time. So act fast to avail this Summer sale fromm Znetlive.

    Save 50% at Znetlive on Shared Hosting

    Limited Time Offer. Coupon Code : SH50.

    Save flat 50% on new Shared Hosting packages using above coupon code during checkout

    Save 50% at Znetlive on WordPress Hosting

    Limited Time Offer. Coupon Code : WP50.

    Save 34% on your first billing cycle for your new WordPress Hosting package using above coupon code during checkout

    Save 50% at Znetlive on Cloud Hosting

    Limited Time Offer. Coupon Code : CH50.

    Save flat 50% on your first billing cycle for your new Cloud Hosting package usinf above coupon code during checkout

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