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What Is Green Web Hosting & How Does It Work?

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A server must needs to function continuously 24/7/365 and this whole process eat up a lot of power. It is stated that the volume of power alone eaten up by the US based data centers is similar to that eaten up by around 5 million houses bring together. As a responsible internet user you are not going to appreciate it because this energy comes from the sources like conventional source of Hydel Power and non-renewable sources like burning of coal, petroleum, generators and natural gas etc.

Hence, how can you host a website, store or applications without harming the sphere we exist in? This is the situation where green web hosting comes in.

What is Green Web Hosting?

What is Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting or eco-friendly web hosting providers have a plan to save power as much as possible and also produce power from the sources related to renewable. The large amount of power consumed by data centers to keep a website up and running all the time is generally generated from carbon emitting diesel generators. An eco-friendly web hosting service provider make great efforts to keep down the power utilization of their web servers on the priority bases. Most of the green web hosts make use of hardware that utilize minimum power and try to cut down power consumption wherever able to be done. Also most of the web hosts produce power from wind, solar energy and other renewable energy resources to run their web servers. Solar energy is grabbing enormous acceptance these days and is a perfect source of energy/power for green web hosting companies.

How Does Green Web Hosting Work?

Almost all green web hosts purchase renewable energy certificate also known as REC in order to overbalance their standard power consumption. It’s not only the power usage they prevent that makes them green and eco-friendly; these renewable energy certificates they purchase too play an important role in the hosting industry. For the power consumption that's very important for an Internet host to figure, they get into projects geared toward eliminating carbon from the environment and that is what renewable energy certificate are. Especially RECs are distributed for getting into renewable energy (Green energy) production tasks like hydroelectricity, wind power, solar power and other green energy related projects. Some green energy related tasks are involved in the plantation of more trees and plants to decrease the carbon impression. There are few well-known green web hosts such as A2hosting and Greengeeks that set up their data center surroundings with huge number of trees to save environment. All the reliable and best Green web hosting providers also utilize ‘energy star’ authorized web servers, other related hardware and machines to minimize their energy utilization.

Why you need Green Web Hosting?

Web hosting service is one of the highest energy consumption platform among all other things and technologies and if this can be green, what can be superior than that? By getting your website hosted on green hosting environment you can actually save the atmosphere for future generations. Green energy powered web hosts can help you make your website 300% green and eco-friendly, so they are helping you to lower your carbon impression.

Things to Consider When Buying Green Hosting

If you are planning to purchase green hosting for your website, here are few things you need to consider:

  • Go through Their Policy: It is not sufficient to see that a hosting provider is claiming to be eco-friendly and green, go through their policy and terms & conditions, check what they are going to do and ensure that everything is correct and make you satisfy.
  • Go through their Certifications: Look for their certificates and check which certifications the provider has. There are many agencies and companies that offer such type of certification so it is very essential to verify the credibility of the certificate that the web hosting company has.
  • Don’t Invest More Money: Green hosting service, if done correctly, it should not be more expensive as compare to non-green hosting service.
  • Energy Efficient servers: Ensure that your selected green host make use of the energy Efficient star rated web servers to lower energy utilization, most of the time they are not what they declare to be.


Everything has it’s positives and negatives, but when it comes green web hosting service in my opinion the positives outweigh the negatives. There is no reason behind saving the environment and keeping it green at the time of hosting a website as well. Choosing a eco-friendly and green web host and displaying it on your website make it easier for you build client faith as well as believe and that’s really good for your online. By opting green hosting you are actually showing your business's accountability and responsibility towards the environment. Apart from this, there is nothing greater than the feeling of making our environment good.

I hope you have got clear idea about Green web hosting. If you do have any other questions or queries please feel free to contact us ask us in the comments section below, we’d be happier to help you.

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